4 Hair Salon Promotions To Bring In New Clients

4 Hair Salon Promotions To Bring In New Clients

As a salon business owner, generating new customers is always a goal. You want to find creative ways to get new people coming in the door to try your services. Promotions are a great way to do that. So here are four hair salon promotions to bring in new clients.

1. Bring a Friend Discount

The first hair salon promotion you can use to bring in new clients is the bring a friend discount. Allowing customers a discount on a specific service if they bring in a friend is a great way to generate new business for your salon. For example, you can offer clients a 15 percent off discount on a haircut if they bring their friend in for an appointment.

2. Back to School Deals

Back-to-school deals are another great promotion if you want to bring new clients into your salon. Parents often want their children to get a haircut before they go back to school in the fall, so back-to-school deals are a great tactic for your salon. If you offer a discount on back-to-school haircuts, chances are that you will bring in multiple families with children, thus creating a larger clientele for your salon.

3. First Haircut Discount

Another promotion your salon should offer to bring in new clients is a first haircut discount. You want your promotions to be enticing to get new clients in the door. Offering five dollars off a first haircut is a fantastic way to get customers excited to come into your business. Then once you perform a great service for these new clients, they will want to return for more appointments.

4. Seasonal Promotions

Seasonal promotions are another great way to generate new business for your salon. You can offer discounts on services on holidays and when new seasons arrive. For example, you can offer a Christmas or Valentine’s Day discount near the holidays. Then each season, you can offer a deal to draw new customers. People typically want to look their best on holidays, so they will be more likely to schedule a hair appointment around the time of a special occasion.

Now that you have four promotion ideas for hair salons to bring in new clients, you can use these strategies today. Salon Equipment Center offers wholesale salon equipment to take care of all of your salon business needs.