5 Nail Styles Every Manicurist Should Know

5 Nail Styles Every Manicurist Should Know

As a nail tech or manicurist, you see a lot of clients in a day, and each of these clients has different requests. Therefore, it’s essential that nail techs know how to do a variety of shapes and styles to meet the needs of all potential clients. Here are five nail styles every manicurist should know.


The first style nail techs should know how to do is round nails. You achieve this shape without extensions, and it is the most popular shape for short, natural-looking nails. To achieve the look, you file and smooth the nails into a soft, rounded shape. Round nails are the easiest for clients to maintain, and they are not likely to break.


The square nail shape has straight edges and corners and looks best on clients with slim nail beds. This style tends to look better when the nails are long, but it can also look good with short nails. You can achieve this look with or without nail extensions.


Nail techs should also learn how to do almond-shaped nails. The almond shape is quickly becoming a popular option for people who prefer medium-length nails. This style has straight sides that come into a soft, rounded point. The almond is a great shape to try if a client is not yet ready to commit to the sharpness of the stiletto style.


The coffin style is one of the most popular nail shapes today, so every tech will benefit from learning how to do it. The coffin shape is a modern take on square nails, having a more tapered edge that is slightly less harsh. This style looks best with longer nails, and you can achieve the look with nail extensions of various kinds.


The fifth nail shape every nail tech should know is the stiletto. The stiletto shape is dramatic and showstopping. This shape comes to an intense, sharp point and looks best with long nails. However, these nails are more difficult to maintain and can easily get caught on things if not careful.

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