5 Reasons Your Salon Needs a Manicure Table

5 Reasons Your Salon Needs a Manicure Table

Manicures and salons go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, salons don’t always have the proper equipment to support these services. To ensure that your business maximizes its potential, provide manicure-specific tables for high customer satisfaction with minimal capital. These five reasons your salon needs a manicure table show the necessity of these in every salon.

Prevents Over Crowding

Multiple tools, polishes, and other items sitting on top of the table creates overcrowding. This clutter reduces your workspace, creates less room for the customer to spread out, and makes your shop appear messy. Manicure tables, though, are equipped with shelves and other storage solutions to hide your clutter. If you are concerned about loose wires from lamps, many tables come with built-in lights.

Manicure tables also have enough leg space so that customers and technicians won’t be bumping knees the whole time.

Looks More Professional

How customers perceive you is just as important as the work you do. Especially when attracting new clients, they want to trust that they will receive good service. Informed clients have certain expectations when going to salons, and if you don’t meet their expectations, they will take their business elsewhere. Salon manicure tables show the client that you are experienced and have the resources to give them unmatched service.

Right Height

Depending on their original function, tables may not be the right height for manicure work. The table height is necessary so that the customer and technician can easily rest their hands on the table. Also, if the table is too tall, the technician will struggle to see the customer’s hands properly, leading to mistakes when working.

Technician and Client Comfort

Nail technicians can spend an entire shift working at the manicure table, so maintaining a level of comfort is vital for them to stay engaged with their customer. If they don’t have to worry about their back pains, technicians can spend more energy ensuring that every customer leaves happy and satisfied.

Similarly, clients can spend up to two hours at the station, and their comfort can be a key factor in securing repeat customers and making the experience relaxing. After all, getting your nails done should be a treat!

Maintains Uniformity

If you have a salon that emphasizes the space’s interior design, having tables that look clean and uniform will be at the top of your list. Salon Equipment Center offers an extensive variety of manicure table designs. That way, you can not only find the table that works for you, but you can get as many as your store needs.

If any of these five reasons your salon needs a manicure table apply to you, get one today to maximize your business’s potential. See why we are the number one choice for salons in the U.S., Canada, and Europe when you order a manicure table today!