5 Ways To Find Quality Barber Chairs

5 Ways To Find Quality Barber Chairs

Barber chairs are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment to have in your shop. They provide comfort and are a universal symbol of beauty and hair. However, not all chairs offer the same experience and quality. Here are five ways to find quality barber chairs based on your shop’s needs and priorities.

Does the Chair Fit Your Shop’s Aesthetic?

Deciding on a theme that fits the vision of your barbershop sounds easy until it comes time to search for the tools that fit the aesthetic. Apart from the décor, the chair you choose is a significant component that will tie the shop together.

For example, vintage barber chairs add to the retro theme and withstand wear and tear over the years. Keep in mind that collectors who own antique chairs can sell goods at a higher price than modern furniture.

Is It Machine-Made or Handmade?

When it comes to quality, handmade barber chairs come together through meticulous assembly and intricate stitching. Machine-made chairs have a less personal touch since they are mass-produced in factories with the help of machines.

Handmade chairs can last longer due to their quality control versus the passing standard of machine-made options.

Does the Chair’s Functionality Fit Its Purpose?

A clear difference between styling chairs and barber chairs lies in their mechanics. While both chairs keep their consumer in mind, most barber chairs have a full recline feature installed that is well-suited for shaving. It’s essential to keep this in mind when looking for the appropriate barber chair.

Are You Buying From a Wholesale Distributor?

Avoid purchasing used equipment when focusing on quality. Buying from a wholesale supplier is a fantastic way to obtain durable chairs at a discounted price. There are many options from which to choose that could fit any aesthetic and purpose without sacrificing your standard.

Does the Chair Come With a Warranty?

Like most quality barbershop equipment, your new chairs come with a warranty. It’s a peace of mind contract that covers any defects and potential breakdowns that occur due to the design. When looking for high-quality chairs, remember to inquire about that warranty! Your budget will thank you.

These five ways to finding quality barber chairs are what to remember when browsing our website. At Salon Equipment Center, we offer barbershop chairs of various styles and models at an affordable price that will fit any shop. We also provide an outstanding five-year warranty that will give you peace of mind at the time of purchase. Check out our online selection today!