6 Reasons Your Salon Needs New Shampoo Units

6 Reasons Your Salon Needs New Shampoo Units

Throughout your salon’s lifetime, there may be at least one moment where you consider purchasing new equipment. Whether you want to upgrade or refurbish, stations like shampoo units may need replacing since they are where your stylists and clients spend most of their time.

Here are six reasons why your salon needs new shampoo units.

Used Equipment

Some salon owners start their business venture scouting used equipment until they have more financial freedom. While there is nothing wrong with having used shampoo units in your shop, you could run the risk of missing parts or not enjoying certain features due to wear.

Old Chairs Cause Discomfort To Clients

Older equipment may not present as much comfort to a client as newer counterparts. In this case, a current model could include an advanced comfort quality that could make the client experience more enjoyable.

New Features

New shampoo station models are often on the market with innovative features that could make service easier for the hairstylist and client. Your current chair might cover the essential functions, but you may be in the market for something more luxurious.

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Need an Aesthetic Revamp

Some salons undergo a remodel or revamp throughout their lifetime, which could require a complete switch in equipment. If your current shampoo bowls and chairs do not fit the new aesthetic, they can find themselves getting cut in favor of shiny, sleek stations.

Replaces Old, Worn Stations

The more business you have in your salon, the more wear and tear your shampoo bowls can experience. Without the proper care and maintenance, shampoo bowls and chairs can deteriorate faster until they are beyond repair.

You May Have a New Budget

Budgets are generally smaller upon opening a new business to avoid a more significant loss. However, once your salon gains traction and you see profits, you can accommodate your budget for costlier purchases.

That said, your budget could change during your salon’s operation, so why not treat it with those new stations you wanted at first?

The reasons your salon may need new shampoo units may differ. However, at Salon Equipment Center, we’re here to help! Our catalog features high-quality equipment and essentials that can complete your shop and help you deliver top-tier service to your clientele. Please don’t hesitate to browse our selection today!