7 Things To Consider When Buying a Manicure Table

7 Things To Consider When Buying a Manicure Table

Upgrading your salon is key to keeping your clientele and profits high. Whether your salon focuses on one beauty area or dabbles in everything from hair care, pedicures, and manicures, having equipment that caters to a wide audience is essential for success. Manicure equipment is a fantastic investment that adds a fresh look to your space, impresses your clients, and motivates your staff. However, there are things to consider when buying a manicure table based on its features, portability, and aesthetics.


Quality is critical when you’re looking for manicure stations. A table with an acetone-proof finish or that’s made of granite is essential to prevent chemical damage. A melamine manicure will mitigate the chances of scratches and scruffs forming over time.


Your budget ultimately has the final say on whether picking out a manicure station is the best business move. Table and equipment prices can range high or low depending on what you’re looking for can afford.


You can fund manicure purchases in several ways to accommodate your budget. Buy tables and equipment when you want to complete purchases upfront and own them immediately. Renting and financing manicure tables require periodic payments; you can consider your monetary limits and allocate funds towards other areas of your salon.


The size and layout of your nail area matter since they dictate how many manicure tables can fit in your space. You can always purchase portable tables if you need more stations.


Functionality places your nail technician’s user experience at the forefront. Freedom of movement, placement of tools, and nail polishes are all factors that determine the perfect manicure table.


The style of your salon depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Take as much time as possible to consider colors and other aesthetic choices that’ll enhance the layout of your business.


Manicure tables and other salon equipment come with warranties that ensure repair or replacement in the event of damage or defects. Never purchase tables free from this guarantee because it could mean they’re low quality.

Deciding whether manicure equipment is worth the investment depends on many factors. There is much to consider when buying a manicure table, from whether it fits your budget or in your space. However, don’t let this overwhelm you. At Salon Equipment Center, we offer many salon manicure tables that can enhance your business. Please browse our webpage today!