7 Tips To Maintaining Your Salon Equipment Long-Term

7 Tips To Maintaining Your Salon Equipment Long-Term

As a salon owner, you’ll notice that investments can come plenty as you either prepare to open your business or revamp your aesthetic. With new equipment coming in and more budget adjustments, you might question what you can do to keep your equipment in working condition for just a bit longer. You can consider this article your saving grace as you explore seven tips to maintain your salon equipment long-term.

Routine Check-Ups

Areas that receive high traffic and heavy use, like washing stations and styling chairs, should undergo routine check-ups that focus on finding loose screws, bolts, and hoses. Surprisingly, a loose part that goes unnoticed can make a significant difference in functional equipment.

Wipe Downs After Each Service

Some services can be messier than others, such as hair care treatments and color touch-ups. Hair dye can be incredibly straining to chairs and can ruin the integrity and look of the equipment. After each color service, remember to pass an erasing sponge over the upholstery to clean up the mess quickly.

Lower the Chair After Appointments

Many clients sit in your chairs throughout the day, which can strain the hydraulic system within each seat. If you can, try to make it a habit of lowering the chairs after each service to take the pressure off an elevated seat before a client sits down.

Chair Base Lubrication

Lubricating the hydraulic base and seals a few times a week is beneficial. Lubricant keeps your chair’s components in working order, as the first four inches of elevation are the most used during an appointment.

Shampoo Station Clean-Outs

Shampoo stations see hair of all thickness and texture. Over time, traps will collect the hair, which will lead to build-up in their traps. Cleaning out shampoo traps after each wash is vital to preventing clogs that can damage pipes.

Tool Sanitation

Tools like scissors and combs should undergo sanitization after each service, as this not only cleans the equipment but also prevents the transfer of bacteria between clients.

Clean and Sanitize Foot Basins After Services

Foot basins and pedicure stations should also undergo draining, cleaning, and disinfecting between each service to avoid the transfer of bacteria. Cleaning and draining your foot basins also allow the removal of any debris that could harm the equipment.

Maintaining your salon equipment long-term not only benefits the tools your stylists use but has a positive effect on the stylists, clients, and your budget. By following some of these tips, your equipment can operate more efficiently for longer.

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