8 Things To Know Before You Buy Professional Salon Chairs

8 Things To Know Before You Buy Professional Salon Chairs

Much like other salon equipment, salon chairs are essential to the daily function of your business. Your clients and stylists benefit from using chairs, from reception to washing and styling stations, so selecting the best options available is a must. However, there are things you should know before buying professional salon chairs to assist you in making the best choice for your business.

Chair Quality Counts for All Chairs

Your clients will sit in a chair for most of their appointment, so it’s best to recognize that chair comfort and quality will be essential come time for purchase.

Salon Chairs Need Daily Cleaning and Sanitation

Washing and styling stations are high-traffic areas that are responsible for transferring bacteria and illnesses. Your chairs will need daily cleaning and periodic sanitizing to ensure guest safety.

You Can Rent, Purchase, or Finance Chairs

If making a one-time purchase in total isn’t your speed, you can rent or finance chairs. Remember that payments can affect your budget over time, so buying professional chairs upfront can help avoid added interest or fees. Plus, once you buy, you have full ownership of the equipment.

There Are Chairs Available for All Aesthetics

There are chairs on the market that fit all aesthetics and creative visions. It’s only a matter of searching for them.

Have Your Blueprint Ready

Chairs are large, bulky objects that require a strategic placement to avoid interrupting your salon’s workflow. It’s best to know where you’d like your stations before buying to ensure you buy the correct amount and that all chairs fit.

Quality Chairs Come With a Warranty

An included warranty will tell you everything you need to know about a chair. Often, poor-quality furniture can lack a warranty contract that allows repair and replacement on damaged or malfunctioning furniture.

Some Chairs Will Last Longer Than Others

Not all salons share the same seating material. Avoid buying furniture with fabrics and instead choose high-quality vinyl, as it is easier to maintain. You’ll also want to choose a chair with a chrome build, as it’s durable and provides a clean look.

The Best Chair Will Satisfy Everyone

The best option will be a chair that can benefit everyone. The right chair should be comfortable for both the client and the stylist, perform essential functions, and stay within your budget.

Before buying a professional salon chair, there is much to know to help steer you in the right direction of making a purchase that benefits your salon and your wallet. However, this is not a choice you should have to make on your own. At Salon Equipment Center, we have a selection of all-purpose styling chairs and other high-quality equipment that can cater to the budget of all customers and businesses. Have we mentioned our outstanding five-year warranty? Contact us with any questions!