8 Tips for Purchasing the Best Pedicure Units for Your Salon

8 Tips for Purchasing the Best Pedicure Units for Your Salon

Planning the perfect pedicure station that accommodates client and technician needs goes beyond selecting a style and color. As a business owner, it’s essential to ensure that your team can deliver exclusive, professional services to clientele without sacrificing comfort.

The same standard applies to your audience; a pedicure unit should complement your business’s services while eliminating all inconveniences to the client. To make your search simpler, here are eight tips for purchasing the best pedicure units for your salon.

Quality and Brand Reputation

When it comes to quality, it is vital to prioritize a dependable unit if you want a comfortable, long-lasting option that will give you your money’s worth. To secure impeccable equipment, consider choosing well-known, reputable salon equipment brands with vast experience.

Comfort Features

While there are many pedicure units on the market, remember that these options will have varying comfort levels. To identify which chair is best for your business, consider the client experience.

Would a client enjoy a manual, lever-based feature that allows them to adjust the unit independently, or would an electronic, ergonomic option better suit their needs and your brand?

Design Aspects

Of course, when looking for salon equipment, design and style are essential factors that can influence a final purchase. As visual beings, some owners are prone to choose a pedicure unit based on the aesthetic before evaluating additional features.

Cost of Equipment

Equipment costs vary, so expect the pedicure unit prices to fluctuate based on aesthetic, features, and brand. Depending on the kind of client experience you aim to offer, expect a great deal of your budget to cover expenses.

Plumbing Features

Knowing the difference between plumbing, no plumbing, and portable pedicure stations is vital to your business. No plumbing features come standard with stationary units, requiring technicians to fill removable basins manually.

A plumbed pedicure station is also stationary; however, it connects to a water line within the salon. Finally, portable spas are available if your business offers pedicures as an add-on service, so units don’t take up space.

Additional Features

When selecting the best seating options for your establishment, consider additional features like swivel qualities and trays you’d like to see that could enhance the client experience.

Replacement Parts

Unfortunately, pedicure stations are not invincible, therefore needing part replacement over time. Remember to purchase from a manufacturer that can offer spare components without issue.

Warranty Inclusion

You never want to purchase equipment with less than a one-year warranty on parts. Once you know the warranty, request that a licensed plumber install equipment.

When purchasing the best pedicure units for your salon, your clientele has varying preferences and opinions. It would be best to have a variety of chairs in your establishment to cater to those needs, and fortunately, we at Salon Equipment Center are here to help!

Our online catalog contains a vast selection of salon pedicure chairs in different styles and colors that can fit perfectly with your establishment. All of our products include a gracious three- to five-year warranty contract to ensure that you receive the highest quality equipment.