A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Professional Salon Chairs

A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Professional Salon Chairs

Opening a salon means business! From budgeting your finances to planning the equipment layout, your salon will undergo a process that can feel like a lifetime before you get to opening day.

However, it’s not all stress and work when the fun part involves picking out the chairs that will fill your space! These instrumental pieces of furniture will be the centerpieces of the atmosphere you create, and knowing which chairs best suit your spot is crucial. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to professional salon chairs that will prove helpful when shopping around.

Types of Chairs

Before you spend countless hours browsing your options, it’s essential to build a budget and establish the services you’ll provide in your salon to help filter your choices. Once you’ve done so, you can begin to explore the types of chairs you’ll need and look at their installed features.

  • Shampoo Chair: If offering hairdressing services, a typical step in the experience is to wash and condition your client’s hair. Thus, you need the appropriate seat.

Shampoo chairs differ from the rest by coming with installed head and feet rests to accommodate comfort when a client is getting a wash. The sturdy legs support and allow clients to lean back in their chairs, promoting accessibility for the stylist during shampooing and conditioning.

  • Hair Styling Chair: Considered the most versatile and well-known, styling chairs are known for their swivel feature, allowing your hairdressers to cut and style hair from all angles.

Quality chairs should possess a mechanism that allows for height adjustment to contribute to easier cutting and styling. This feature is also known as the hydraulic pump.

  • Barber Chair: Much like the styling chair, a barber chair should swivel and have an adjustable height for barbers of all statures.

A significant feature that separates the barber chair from the stylist is the reclinable adjustment that allows barbers to access a client’s face and chin while shaving.

  • Manicurist Chair: If you’re providing manicure services in your salon, you want to offer an enjoyable chair to both the manicurist and the client.

Keep in mind that a chair with an installed swivel feature is best to allow a range of motion when needing to access tools and products. This feature will enable your technicians to spend maximum time with their clients without having to leave anyone unattended.

  • Pedicure Chair: Pedicure chairs are a more considerable investment due to their large structure and additional attachment. Unless you’re searching for a no-plumbing or portable chair, most chairs will have a foot bath installed that will allow technicians to wash feet.

Additional features include a footrest where your clients can relax while professionals remove dead skin and perform other nail care duties.

  • Reception Chair: Considering the reception is the first area your clients will see upon entering your business, it’s best not to ignore it.

Consider cozy seating that will keep your guests comfortable while they wait for their appointment. Lounge furniture is a fantastic option for seating multiple clients at one time.

Style and Theme

Style is essential to consider when buying the perfect salon chair. Once you settle on services and chair types, deciding on a theme can further filter choices to put you closer to bringing your vision to life.

Chairs come in an array of colors and styles that are accommodating to any theme! Remember to be specific with selection, as your chairs are statement pieces that will set the tone for your business.

Shopping and Warranties

When looking for your perfect chair, you’ll come across several purchasing methods; however, buying from a wholesale distributor is your best bet. Wholesale suppliers offer furniture and equipment that is affordable, especially when purchasing large quantities.

When relying on a dependable supplier, don’t forget about that warranty! While most furniture passes quality checks, defects happen, and warranties are beneficial contracts that, in short, promise to repair, replace, or provide a refund on a product for a period.

When shopping with us at Salon Equipment Center, we provide unbeatable 3 year and 5-year warranties on all our beauty salon styling chairs upon purchase.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Knowing how to clean and sanitize seating is a crucial step when maintaining the appearance of your seating. The material used to create the cushioning will dictate the method used to clean and disinfect your chairs. Luckily, cushioning made of vinyl and leather follow similar cleaning procedures.

For daily cleaning, spray vinyl cleaner onto the surface and wipe with a damp cloth. You can also use a mild detergent like dish soap and water to clean surfaces.

For tougher grime and dirt, use a spray designed to remove heavy soil. Spray on the surface and let sit for a minute, then use a webbed scrub sponge to remove grime. Repeat as many times as necessary without scrubbing too hard on your chairs. You don’t want to sacrifice coloring during cleaning.

When disinfecting, you can use over-the-counter disinfecting wipes or sprays to sanitize seating properly.

What To Avoid

Now that you know what to expect when buying salon chairs, it’s crucial to know what to avoid when shopping. Keep in mind that reputable sources will keep your best interest in mind while delivering high-quality furniture and equipment. The process should be quick and easy.

It’s vital to remain aware of the location from where you’re purchasing your goods. Some regions manufacture furniture that has an inconsistent quality and a shortened shelf life. Feel free to contact a customer service representative to clarify questions and features on your newly purchased chairs.

A comprehensive guide to buying professional salon chairs like no other! Furnishing your salon is an extended process that involves meticulous planning and heavy research. On that note, we encourage you to check out our selection here at Salon Equipment Center. On our website, we offer a beautiful and thorough catalog of chairs and other equipment you can purchase when in need of supplying your salon, spa, or barbershop. No matter the style, we have perfect, top-quality chairs with premium features to fit your business. Contact us for specials today!

A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Professional Salon Chairs