Barber Shop Design Tips: Shop Set Up for Beginners

Barber Shop Design Tips: Shop Set Up for Beginners

When you’re starting a new barbershop business, there’s a lot to consider. Naturally, your overall design is one of the main priorities you should spend time curating. Here’s a brief guide on barber shop design and set up tips for beginners.

Choose a Design Aesthetic

The design aesthetic is the first thing to consider for your barber shop’s setup. It’s important that your brand has a strong identity, and your shop’s design is an integral part of that. It’s up to you to decide your shop’s style. You get to pick how you want your space to look and feel. For example, your interior could be old-school vintage. In that case, create a cohesive design that portrays a vintage feeling throughout your entire space.

Choose Appropriate Furniture

The next step in barber shop setup for beginners is choosing the appropriate furniture. Once you decide a design aesthetic for your shop, you will need furniture to fill your space. For example, if you chose an old-school vintage style, purchase barber shop chairs and styling stations that embody that design. You’ll also want your reception area furniture to fit in with your aesthetic. No matter what vibe you choose, whether it’s modern and minimal or luxurious and traditional, you want your space and furniture to feel cohesive, comfortable, and accommodating to clients.

Choose Stunning Décor

Choosing stunning décor is the third step in setting up your barbershop as a beginner. You should already have your aesthetic and some furniture by this point. Now is the fun part: adding embellishments and decorations. Your décor choices should match your barber shop’s look and feel. As previously mentioned, you want your shop to have a strong brand identity so that your clients know who you are and what you represent as a business. Décor is a big part of that. You can decorate with paintings, photographs, art, plants, and lights!

Now that you have a beginner’s guide to barber shop design setup, you can utilize these strategies to elevate your business today. Salon Equipment Center offers an extensive collection of barber shop chairs to help give your shop a look you’ve always envisioned.