Brief Guide To Nail Salon Pedicure Station Set-Up

Brief Guide To Nail Salon Pedicure Station Set-Up

Pedicures are one of the main services that nail salons offer to their clients. If your business offers these services, you’ll need proper pedicure stations. Here’s a brief guide to a nail salon’s pedicure station set-up.

Pedicure Units

The first thing you will need to set up your salon’s pedicure station is pedicure units. There are several different styles and models of units to choose from for your salon space. You can choose units that come equipped with plumbing, which tend to be the most efficient options. However, there are also units that don’t require plumbing, but they do require consistent bowl water changing. You can choose whichever model and style best suits you and your salon’s specific needs.

Nail Tech Stools

Nail tech stools are the next essential piece of equipment you will need for your salon’s pedicure station set-up. Pedicure units provide a place for your clients to sit for the duration of the appointment, but you also need appropriate seating for your nail techs. Nail tech stools are short stools with wheels that are the perfect height for techs to reach clients for pedicures. These stools are versatile and give nail techs the accessibility they need to perform their services effectively.

Necessary Tools

The last thing to include in your salon pedicure station is all your necessary tools. It’s essential to keep all your pedicure supplies close by so that you can easily access them during an appointment with clients. You will need all kinds of materials for pedicures, like nail clippers, nail files, nail polish, acetone, exfoliating scrubs, lotions, toe separators, and more. Therefore, you’ll need an efficient place to store all your materials. A supply cart is a great solution to keep all your tools in one place, so you don’t have to go back and forth during an appointment.

Now that you have a guide to pedicure station set-up in your salon, you can effectively set up your stations to meet your and your client’s specific needs. Check out Salon Equipment Center for all your essential pedicure station supplies.