Essential Equipment for Hair Salons

Essential Equipment for Hair Salons

To properly run a hair salon, you need the right tools and equipment. Your salon’s tools must hold up to your busy business days and the most difficult needs of clients, and the furniture needs to do both of those tasks while looking amazing. For the beginner salon owner, we have a list of the most essential equipment for hair salons that you will not be able to live without. Once your salon is fully equipped for business, you will be prepared to handle the busy workdays of a professional hairdresser.

Styling Chair

Beginning with the all-important salon furniture, your salon’s centerpieces will be the styling chairs. When purchasing a salon styling chair, put the comfort of your patrons at the forefront. Your customers will be sitting in this chair for the entire time that you are styling their hair, so make sure it is easy to sit still in. If you plan on styling hair for children, you may also need to buy a booster seat for your chair. The materials of your chair’s seat should be easy to clean and sanitize.

You also want to ensure that the hydraulic pump can handle the amount of pressure that will present itself during day-to-day business hours. A faulty or cheap hydraulic pump in your styling chair will create more problems than it is worth. For example, Salon Equipment Center’s authentic Japanese engineering chair pumps can hold up to 700 pounds of weight and are made of high-quality materials. Make sure that your styling chair’s manufacturer is trustworthy and provides information about their hydraulic pumps when asked.

Styling Station

The salon’s styling station stores all your important tools, accessories, and will often feature a mirror. A wet station will feature the option to attach your shampoo sink to it, which conserves precious space. When picking a station, consider the amount of storage your salon will need to function. You may need a large styling station with drawers and cupboards, or a small, portable station with just a few drawers and dryer holders.

It can be hard to choose the perfect styling station to match your salon’s aesthetic, but seeing all the options while shopping online can help your decision. Our catalog of hair salon stations provides a variety of styles to suit your business’s needs and sales for any salon on a budget.

Shampooing Station

Part of your job as a hairstylist is to wash and condition your clients’ hair before styling it. Wet hair is necessary for proper haircuts, and the right salon shampooing station will keep the client comfortable while you scrub their scalp. If you have a wet station, you may only need the shampoo bowl and spray hose along with any screws that you may need to attach the bowl to the station.

For a salon that has the space for it, a special area dedicated to an entire shampoo unit will allow for a better business flow. Customers can be shampooed while another customer is at the styling station getting styled. Shampoo units can have luxurious chairs or recliners attached to them for the most relaxing hair washing experience. The sink can also be free-standing, allowing you to move your own salon chair to it.

Hairdryer and Dryer Chair

Once you have finished a client’s haircut, you will need to dry their hair to complete the styling. A professional salon-grade hairdryer will allow you to control the heat so you will not damage your customer’s hair. Hand-held hairdryers will often come with different nozzles that direct the flow of the hot air. The number one thing to remember with hairdryers is control. The more control you have over your dryer, the better.

Hairdryer chairs paired with hooded hairdryers can dry hair quickly and with care. They can also help accelerate the hair dying process.

Professional Salon Scissors and Electric Hair Clipper

No professional hairdresser goes a day without several trusty pairs of salon scissors. You will need a few pairs of your favorite scissors so you can use them while another pair rests in the disinfectant. Your styling kit should also have short blade scissors for details and toothed thinner scissors for thinning and texturizing hair. If your blades are ever damaged, replace them immediately.

For short-haired clients, you will need an electric hair clipper for close shaves. Hair clippers can help clean up hair growing where the back of their head meets their neck, and they do not have to be used just for buzzcuts or undercuts.

Combs and Brushes

Every type of comb or brush is a piece of essential equipment for hair salons. Equip yourself with the most important kinds of brushes and combs—and stock up on them. Combs and brushes will need to be disinfected after each use just like scissors, so having multiples of each kind as a back-up will help your workflow. A round brush is useful for brushing and rolling hair, while styling with a cushioned brush can help with tangled hair. Brushes with vents allow air to come through while blow-drying hair, which adds volume.

As for combs, keep many different sizes of combs around. Fine-toothed combs work well with short, fine hair, while round-toothed combs can be used with thicker hair.

Reception Furniture

Your waiting room should positively reflect your business. A reception room that is pleasant to sit in will provide a relaxing space for your customers while they wait for their appointment. Provide patrons with comfy seats and a coffee table for their drinks. Create a trendy, cozy atmosphere that draws people in. The area always needs to be kept clean and maintained. Your reception desk should make your business look official while the money and appointments are handled. If you have the room, add shelves for sponsored hair care products or accessories.

Other Accessories

There are plenty of other kinds of salon accessories that may be specific to the needs of your hair salon, but one of the most essential is a waterproof hair cutting cape. These capes keep the hair off your customer’s clothing and allow it to slide right onto your floor for easy cleanup. You will need a vacuum for your salon to handle all the hair in your business daily. Some vacuum units allow for hair to be swept directly into them!

Salon Equipment Center specializes in getting the trustworthy salon equipment you need at affordable prices. Check out our merchandise catalog to inspire the design of your hair salon.

Equipment for Hair Salons