Essential Professional Tools Used for Pedicures

Essential Professional Tools Used for Pedicures

If you offer pedicure services at your salon or home business, then there are some necessary tools and pieces of equipment you must possess to do the job right. You will set yourself up for success with clients if you procure the proper materials and equipment to give the perfect pedicure. Here is a list of the essential professional tools used for pedicures, so you know everything you will need to get.

Nail Clipper

The first tool you will need to perform pedicures on clients is a nail clipper. A nail clipper is an essential item for every nail technician. This tool allows technicians to cut and trim the nails of the clients so they are the right length and shape for a pedicure. Before a nail tech applies any polish or begins the rest of the pedicure process, they will typically use a nail clipper to cut the cllient’s toenails. Therefore, you should find a few pairs that work well for you.

Nail File

A nail file is the next item you will need for pedicures in your salon. After a nail tech cuts their client’s toenails, they will generally use a nail file to shape the nails and remove any roughness or jagged edges. The nail file helps smooth out the nail and perfect the shape so that it’s ready for the rest of the pedicure. Nail files wear out after extended use, so it’s best to have a supply of several that are ready to go in any situation.

Nail Buffer

The third essential tool for pedicures is a nail buffer. After clipping and filing the nails, the next step in the pedicure process is to buff the nails. Buffing helps to smooth out the nail and remove any ridges, roughness, or peeling. Buffing can also add a shine to the nails to make them look nice and presentable. A nail buffer is a perfect tool to create a smooth base for polishes and artificial nails, so it’s a great tool to add to your collection.

Cuticle Pusher

A cuticle pusher is another important item to have when giving pedicures to clients. Many people have cuticles that grow over the nail a bit, so a cuticle pusher helpfully pushes them back and out of the way to create a prime space for polish. However, it’s important to be careful not to cut or rip the cuticle or skin during this process. That can cause a risk of infection. Utilize this tool carefully and gently to push back your clients’ cuticles.

Pumice Stone

The fourth piece of equipment you will need to have in your pedicure salon is a pumice stone. Nail technicians use pumice stones to remove dead skin and callouses from the feet and heels. A good pedicure doesn’t just include a fresh coat of polish. It’s essential that you give your clients the full experience and best treatment possible. You can use the pumice stone both before and after soaking your clients’ feet in a footbath. This will ensure that you remove all dead skin from the area.

Toe Separator

Toe separators are the next necessary tool to have if you provide pedicure services. Toe separators are the fun pieces of foam that may immediately come to mind when you think of a quintessential pedicure experience. Nail techs use these separators to separate each individual toe so they can apply polish without making a mess or disrupting the polish they have already applied.

Nail Polish

The seventh important item on our list of professional pedicure equipment is nail polish. Nail polish is one of the main components of a pedicure, so it’s essential to invest in several different types and brands to meet the needs of each individual client. There are several types of polishes, including gels, shellacs, acrylics, dip powders, etc. You want to ensure that you have several of each kind in your collection so that you can offer diverse options to your clientele.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is also a great item to include in your salon’s pedicure toolkit. One of the last steps in the pedicure process is applying cuticle oil. This oil is perfect for keeping a client’s cuticles moisturized, preventing potential hangnails, and promoting nail growth. There are many kinds of cuticle oils, and some are even scented for that added touch of luxuriousness. If you sell products in your nail salon, cuticle oil is a great product to add to your inventory. Clients can buy it and take it home with them. And you’ll make a profit in the process, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Pedicure Units

Another essential piece of equipment that professional pedicurists use are pedicure units. If you own a nail salon business, it’s worth your money to invest in professional pedicure units. There are several various styles and designs available for purchase. Some come equipped with plumbing and footbaths so that you can get the most efficient and effective experience. Clients enjoy sitting in these chairs to get pedicures because it adds an element of luxury and relaxation, which is what pedicures are all about.

Pedicure Stools

Pedicure stools are the tenth thing you will want to purchase to provide pedicures to clients. If you are a nail tech, you need a place to sit while you are performing pedicure services on clients. Manufacturers make pedicure stools specifically for this purpose so that they are the right height for nail techs to reach and access clients’ feet easily and quickly. These stools are typically adjustable and on rolling wheels. You can get around to reach tools, products, polishes, and other necessary items. These stools make the entire pedicure process simpler and more efficient for nail techs.

Now that you have a list of the professional tools that are essential for pedicures, you can start gathering your supplies today. Salon Equipment Center has a fantastic selection of pedicure chairs for salon use that will make the perfect addition to your salon space and will make it so you can give the best pedicures to clients.

Essential Professional Tools Used for Pedicures