Essential Tools You Need for a Skin Fade

Essential Tools You Need for a Skin Fade

Skin fade haircuts have grown in popularity in recent years—they look sharp, sleek, and striking! Also known as a hair taper, this style starts short and gradually fades to a longer length. Since the cut is so close to the skin, it requires precision and an expert barber or stylist. Make sure you’ve got all the essential tools you need for a skin fade so you can start offering it in your shop.

Getting Started

Sit your client down in the barbershop chair and find out what length of hair taper they want. Do they want the hair on top to remain long and slicked back or short? Knowing this information comes in handy later.

No matter the length, you’ll need high-quality clippers with the proper guards to get the job done right. Additionally, clippers will help shave any hair near the face as you work to shorten your client’s hair.

Many industry experts agree that a cordless clipper gets the job done with ease. However, a corded clipper or one with more power provides the precision you’ll need—detail is crucial to a skin fade, so you want to be as careful as possible.

The Comb Guard

The comb guard comes into play when you begin the fade. You’ll want to use a closed blade when you’re cutting the shorter hair, as this allows you to get closer to the skin. The transition from skin to hair must appear seamless.

Achieving the Small Details

Once you’ve larger removed chunks of hair with your clippers, it’s time to add in detail, so the fade looks seamless. Other essential tools you need for a skin fade include:

  • Scissors
  • A comb
  • A razor or trimmers
  • Styling Products

Ensure the look is sharp by utilizing a razor or trimmers to trim the hair close to the face—this gives you control as you blend the fade. Some men like a long fade, while others prefer to keep their hair short. Use scissors to cut any areas on top in need of a trim. This will keep things looking even and shapely, no matter what length your client wants.

Once you’ve completed the cut, comb out the hair on top and give your client the best treatment by styling it for them. Talk to them and find out how they plan to style their hair. The products you use depend on the style they’re going for. Pomade works great if they plan to slick their hair back. However, if the customer want’s their hair to appear messy, hairspray or gel is best.

A barbershop with the right tools and best furniture stands out to clients, so shop at Salon Equipment Center for your chairs, styling station, and more! Our furniture is guaranteed to last and keep your clients comfortable as you style their hair. Remember that the barbershops that stand out offer fantastic service, know various styles, and have all the tools for success.