5 Ways To Make Your Barbershop Stand Out

5 Ways To Make Your Barbershop Stand Out

The barber is one of the oldest professions, making the barbershop one of its oldest businesses. It may feel like there’s been every kind of barbershop, but there’s one missing: yours. If you’re starting a shop or want to make your existing place different from others, check out these five ways to make your barbershop stand out.

Give Your Shop a Theme

A crucial part of your barbershop standing out is its look and feel. A theme isn’t just the décor and colors; it’s the atmosphere you create for your customers. Vintage shops are popular, but there’s always room for your personal twist.

The theme can be anything you want. What are your other passions? Make your shop an ode to your favorite music, film, literature, or the outdoors. The opportunities are limitless!

Stand Out With Your Equipment

The equipment in your shop says a lot about your business. You should also consider the services and customer experience you provide. What kind of sinks do you use? Do you have separate shaving stations? What about massage chairs?

The barber chair is an essential piece of equipment in the shop. You can buy a barber chair online in any style you want, so pick a chair that fits your shop’s unique theme.

Offer Unique Products and Services

The services you offer can also help you stand out. The haircut and shave are your bread and butter, but what else can you provide your clients?

There are various services you can offer to separate yourself from the competition; hot towels, straight-razor shaves, eyebrow trimmings, waxing, custom fade designs, and plenty more. Offer your customers unique grooming products they haven’t used before to show your expertise and encourage them to return.

Focus on the Overall Customer Experience

The barbershop isn’t just about haircuts; it’s about the entire experience. Devote attention and detail to every part of the customer experience in your shop. What entertainment do waiting customers have? How do you encourage customers to return? Simple things like loyalty cards can make a difference in a customer’s experience.

Take Social Media Seriously

Social media is the preferred avenue for researching businesses for many people, and if you’re lacking in that department, your customer base could suffer. You don’t need to post on every social channel five times a day, but there are plenty of opportunities to create exciting content for your customers.

Showcase the customer experiences in your shop with a video or display an exceptional custom cut. Your shop is interesting and exciting, so show the world!

It’s not easy to distinguish your business from the competition, but your shop will be incomparable if you focus and get creative with it. We’ve given you some ways to make your barbershop stand out; now, go and make your place one-of-a-kind!