Full Checklist for the Right Salon Equipment

Full Checklist for the Right Salon Equipment

When prepping for your salon’s opening, it’s easy to find yourself wrapped up in more prominent aspects like your location’s aesthetic and culture. You’ll find yourself in the market for different décor, but when it comes down to it, no aesthetic or décor can match the importance of proper, efficient equipment to deliver services to your clientele.

Here’s a full checklist for the right salon equipment that you’ll need before your location’s grand opening.

Styling Chairs

The chairs present in a salon are some of the most frequently used pieces of equipment within the business. Hairstyling seats should be comfortable and convenient for both the client and the stylist. If your salon specializes in color, consider a seating option with stain-resistant cushions.

Drying Stations

It can be nearly impossible to complete a color appointment without the helping of a dryer unit. Especially essential in creative coloring, drying stations can distribute heat that’s vital to the hair processing step.

Shampoo Bowls and Chairs

Shampoo bowls and chairs should offer the same comfort as hair styling chairs. Your clients will sit at an interesting angle and will require neck support during any washing steps. Remember to test the station to ensure that comfort and support requirements meet your expectations.

Station Tools

Small tools like styling brushes, hair products, and balayage film can be difficult to remember while purchasing more oversized items. These particular pieces of equipment make all the difference in a service, and you can stow them away in a small color storage cart.

Consultation Seating

You can perform a consultation at a styling chair but having a consultation area is a fantastic way to focus on your client’s needs. This also frees up any stations that might need usage immediately.

Reception Furniture

Your salon’s reception area is the first spot your guests lay their eyes on, so first impressions are vital. Reception areas should be clean and organized and have a large desk to store the shop’s POS, computer, phones, and portable electronic devices.

Color Area

Storage and space are vital for your color room. You’ll need developers, color lines, lighteners, and small tools like mixing bowls, clips, brushes, and combs. Having a space dedicated to these items can help your manage inventory.

Cleaning Supplies

With all the hair and color that flies around the room, cleaning supplies are a necessity. Bleach, detergent, disinfectant wipes, and Barbicide should be at the top of your list.

While your salon’s marketing strategy and policies are indeed necessary upon opening, a full checklist for the right salon equipment is just as vital to your business’s daily operation. These everyday tools will keep your location in business, so remember to evaluate your options to find the highest quality and most dependable tools.

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