How To Bring Repeat Customers Into Your Salon

How To Bring Repeat Customers Into Your Salon

One of the biggest sources of business for your salon is the promise of repeat customers. Repeat customers bring a steady flow of income so you can reliably plan out your expenses. Securing a second or third visit with clientele may mean they’re ready to go to your salon regularly—but how do you get that far? Mastering the art of wooing clients with your skillful technique and charisma will help you learn how to bring repeat customers into your salon.

High-Quality Customer Care

The best way to draw any kind of customer into your salon is by creating a warm, welcoming environment. If they feel like you want or need them there, they’ll feel like they have a closer connection to you and your salon than they would anywhere else. Practice your social skills and utilize them when handling both new and old clients. Their salon appointment is an opportunity for the client to talk to someone about anything—whether you’re the type of stylist they can vent to about daily frustrations or just shoot the breeze.

Schedule Their Next Appointment

Once their first appointment is over, offer a date for their next salon service. For hair salons, it’s easy to tell your client the next time they’ll need a styling—though they may need one more or less often based on their own preferences. Not only will scheduling appointments far ahead of time help your clientele, it’ll solidify your own schedule and make you aware of openings for future clients.

Create a Rewards System

For the most part, your service and customer care will be the main draws of your salon that sets it apart from the competition. However, it doesn’t hurt to reward your repeat customers a little with a points or punch card rewards system. Whether you provide customers with an entirely free service or a hefty discount, make sure the customers feel appreciated for choosing your business above anyone else’s.

Keep Your Equipment and Products up To Date

You can’t keep regular customers if you have shoddy equipment, products, or furniture. Customers will decide whether they want to come back or not based on appearance alone. Keep your salon and its furnishings clean and practice hygienic sanitation after each service. Make sure your salon is fit for trends and fads. If you miss out on a trend due to a lack of preparedness, you’ll miss out on the money that comes with it—and you might lose regulars.

If your salon equipment starts showing age or wear and tear, it’s time to replace it so you can retain clientele. How to bring repeat customers into your salon relies on attractive furniture and equipment, so be sure to outfit your studio with high-quality, affordable wholesale salon equipment from Salon Equipment Center.