How To Make Your Salon Stand Out From Competitors

How To Make Your Salon Stand Out From Competitors

There are many hair salons, so knowing how to make your salon stand out from competitors is vital to the success of your business. Get things started by using one of your greatest assets: social media. As you begin implementing changes, don’t overlook the customer’s experience, and remember the power of giving!

Beef up Your Social Media

In the digital age, joining a website isn’t enough. In addition to an easy-to-navigate website, you should have accounts for your salon on various social media sites. Consider having your stylists make their accounts and tagging your salon on posts for more attention.

Have an Instagram

Do you have an Instagram? You should. Joining the world of social media allows you to reach out to the public with ease. Do some research on what hashtags are trending and use ones that align the best with each photo you post.

Using hashtags properly ensures the public easily sees your post, but don’t forget a post description. Is your salon offering a new service? Are you showing off a beautiful ombre manicure a client got in your shop? Explain the photo!

Have a YouTube Channel

Every salon has an Instagram, website, or both—so standout with a YouTube channel. You can take time to educate people on different styles or coloring techniques by making tutorial videos. Not only are these videos entertaining to a wide audience, but it also gets your salon’s name out to the public!

See What Customers See

Live the customer’s experience—even if that means having a stylist do your hair off the clock as if you’re a client. You want your customers to feel comfortable every time they come into your salon, so what better way to know this than to live the experience? Reading reviews, asking customers, and talking to staff are all other ways to understand your clients’ experience.

Take mental notes of what you don’t like so you can meet with staff and implement changes.

Read Reviews

Go online and read what the public’s saying about your salon. Sometimes people are too afraid to verbally share their negative experiences. You don’t want bad publicity, so if you notice multiple negative reviews, take a step back and understand what went wrong.

Consider reaching out to clients who had a bad experience to ensure that doesn’t happen again. As you do this, offer an incentive or remedy to the problem to remind them their business matters to you. Everyone likes to feel heard, especially customers.

Ask Customers

When your clients are in the shop, be blunt and ask them what you could improve. A salon that puts customers first stands apart from competitors and proves the owner isn’t in it for the money.

If you notice a trend in customer suggestions, it’s time to make a change. For instance, if several of your clients say they get bored during long periods of waiting, consider adding a television and some refreshments to the reception area. Make a trip to your salon a treat!

Talk To Staff

Just as communicating with customers improves business, so does talking to staff. Everyone has different ideas and talents. One of your stylists may think up the perfect add-on for your salon that’ll have competitors wishing they were that clever! Maybe one of your stylists has a friend who is excellent at doing nails—your salon could start offering manicures and pedicures to broaden its skillset.

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Make the Reception Room Luxurious

Customers spend their wait time sitting in the reception space. If you want to know how to make your salon stand out from competitors, pay special attention to the waiting room. Every client should feel comfortable as they wait, so make sure you have quality furniture, refreshments, and snacks!

By offering your clients more than just a place to sit, they’ll see your salon as better than your competition and keep coming back!

Stand Out

Don’t be a run-of-the-mill salon—customers will easily overlook you, even if your skills outshine the competition. While you don’t have to make your salon flashy, consider having a theme, but remember your salon’s personality should reflect you and your stylists. If you’re looking for a theme, try:

  • Simple and elegant
  • Country chic
  • Sweet and pink

Rather than have a boring interior, you’ll intrigue clients with a cozy ambiance or increase feelings of luxury with something simple. A beautiful décor makes your shop unique by adding flair.

Pro Tip:

Another way to stand out is through your services. For example, do you specialize in hair, makeup, or nails? When you offer beauty care to your clients, make sure they know what you’re best at so they’ll keep returning.

Consider broadening your reach and working for weddings, birthdays, and other social events. Many people love getting their beauty routine done by professionals.

Give Back

Make a statement and prove you’re better than the competition by giving back both to your clients and the community. You’ll boost your reputation, keep loyal clients, and attract new ones!

Give Incentives

Do you have a customer who is a social butterfly and is recommending your services to everyone they know? Give them a gift! You could discount a service for each referral which customers give. Likewise, you could give loyal clients travel-sized shampoos and conditioners; if you do nails too, give them a complimentary bottle of polish.

Everyone wants to know they’re appreciated! You could also offer:

  • Package deals
  • Birthday programs
  • Gift cards

If you want to welcome a new client into your shop, you could offer them a package deal. For instance, you could give them a discount if they book a cut and color or other paired services.

Do Charity Work

By giving back to your community, remind the public that people come first. People talk, and reputation is everything. Try hosting a charity event of your own or work alongside a local business so you can help the community that offers you so much success.

Standing apart from your competitors keeps your salon in business. Ensure you use posts regularly on social media and live out your clients’ experience in the shop. By keeping an open mind and making changes whenever necessary, you keep your business booming!

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How To Make Your Salon Stand Out From Competitors