How To Maximize a Small Salon Space

How To Maximize a Small Salon Space

Working in a tight space comes with various challenges, especially in a hair salon where you need to move from one end of the shop to the other while caring for clients. Whether you’re renting a small space or working out of a spare room in your house, learn how to maximize a small salon space by purchasing the right furniture and decorating accordingly—the slightest splash of color makes a world of difference!

Choose Appropriate Colors

When it’s time to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, make sure the color you choose accents your space. Remember that some colors will give the allusion that the space is larger than it really is, while others do the opposite. To make your shop look roomier, consider painting and decorating with shades of:

  • White
  • Green
  • Light taupe
  • Blush pink
  • Dark navy
  • Cool gray

By strategically using these colors, your salon will appear well decorated and larger because of added depth. This increases feelings of comfort by opening up the space.

Buy the Right Equipment

Purchase equipment you can easily pack away or that serves several functions. For example, an all-purpose salon chair provides a space for cutting hair and can recline, allowing you to wax eyebrows or offer another service beyond styling hair.

Moreover, broken or damaged furniture is no longer useful. Rather, it wastes space, so remove it from the shop. As you evaluate your furniture, remember to ensure you’re not buying pieces that are too large for the space. While a big sofa may look cozy, it makes a small shop feel even tighter.

Utilize Reflection

Lastly, give the mirrors in your shop more purpose by adding dimension! This opens a space by reflecting light, so if you hang a mirror near a window, more light will reflect off it, making a small room look bright and spacious!

If you don’t have the wall space for decorative mirrors, consider the strategic placement of the salon mirrors you’ve placed for client satisfaction. Additionally, think about buying reflective flooring or tabletops for the reception area.

Making sure you know how to maximize a small salon space provides ways of making a salon feel roomier, which is critical to preventing feelings of claustrophobia. By painting and decorating accordingly, you make the most of your space. Furthermore, purchasing the right equipment makes a world of difference—try to only include pieces that will serve you, and consider the space before you make your furniture purchase. Shop at Salon Equipment Center as you begin enhancing your salon space for quality pieces at an unbeatable price!