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How To Properly Clean and Sanitize Your Salon Equipment

How To Properly Clean and Sanitize Your Salon Equipment

To meet client demands, your salon must be spot-free and regularly deep cleaned during the turbulent times of COVID-19. The cleanest salons and barbershops will attract the most business. If you’re just starting, you should look at how to properly clean and sanitize your salon equipment before you call in the customers—for your safety and theirs.

Salon and Barber Chairs

Before you sanitize your salon chair, you must clean it. Cleaning something is different from sanitizing because cleaning takes care of the dirt and grime while sanitizing scrubs deeper down. If you try to sanitize your chair—or any of your furniture—before cleaning it, sanitizing will be less effective.

Remember to use cleaning products that won’t damage your leather. Many kinds of cleaners can dry and crack leather upholstery. Even just regular soap and warm water can be fine for cleaning your leather. Don’t use harsh chemicals when cleaning or disinfecting leather. Warm water and soap act just like how they do when you protect yourself by washing your hands. Be careful when scrubbing—don’t scrub too hard and remove the coloring of the leather. There are also specialized leather cleaning products you can purchase or even salon-specific cleaning products for your chairs.

Shampooing Stations

After every client, make sure to clean and disinfect your shampooing station. Depending on the material of your sink, abrasive chemicals could be a bad decision. Sinks with enamel finishes can be damaged by harsh chemicals. Never use a rough, bristled brush to scrub the sink, as it can leave behind scratches and damage. Use a cloth instead to gently sanitize while keeping your sink’s finish intact. Some tile cleaners and general surface cleaners are fine for the job—just make sure to look through the ingredients for any harsh chemicals.

Combs, Brushes, and Clippers

There is specialized cleaning liquid known as Barbicide which you can place your tools in after use and is essential to properly clean and sanitize your salon equipment. First, clean off the tools with soap and warm water; then, leave your tools in the cleaning liquid for ten minutes. After the ten minutes have passed, take them out and rinse them off. Store them somewhere clean and airtight. Electric tools need to be disinfected manually after each use.

Don’t Forget the Reception Area

Your reception area or waiting room is the place where the largest number of people stick around, even if you require online check-in or schedule ahead of time. Regularly clean and sanitize the salon reception furniture, like chairs and tables. Wipe the reception desk down after every client. Make sure to only keep clean magazines around; if any get dirty, throw them away. Even though traffic may be lower due to COVID-19, the cleanliness of your waiting area reflects the nature of your business.