How Your Salon and Barbershop Furniture Helps Generate Sales

How Your Salon and Barbershop Furniture Helps Generate Sales

As a salon or barbershop owner, you’re always looking for new and effective ways to improve your business and generate sales. While top-notch customer service is typically the first thing to focus on, there are other elements that you should also take into consideration. For example, your overall salon design has an impact on new business and sales. In addition, things like furniture can help you draw in new clients and boost revenue. So here’s how your salon and barbershop furniture helps generate sales.

Reception Area

Your salon or barbershop’s reception area is the first space your clients see when they come in for an appointment. Therefore, you want that space to draw their attention for the first moment they step foot inside your place of business. Your reception area should feel professional, clean, and relaxing to clients as they wait for their appointment. The furniture in this space can significantly impact your clients’ overall salon experience, so you want to ensure that this space is comfortable and designed appropriately.


It’s essential that your reception area seating is comfortable and accommodating to every client that comes in because this is the first area they will see upon entering your business. So first, you should make sure that there is an appropriate amount of seating. There’s nothing worse than a client coming in for an appointment and having nowhere to sit as they wait their turn. If you know that you tend to have busy wait times and multiple clients waiting at a time, then you will want to have extra seating space available. You also want to make sure that your seating is comfortable. No one wants to sit in a hard or uncomfortable chair. You can opt for plush couches and chairs to ensure client comfort. Overall, you want clients to enjoy sitting in your reception area, increasing their chances of coming back for a next appointment.

Front Desk

The front desk is another piece of reception furniture that can impact sales. Again, the reception area is the first impression your clients have of your business, so you want to ensure that it’s a good one. The front desk should give off a professional appearance free of clutter and mess. Make sure to keep the desk clear of food, trash, and excessive paper. Organize your materials neatly so you can find things quickly, and so that clients don’t have to wait for you to track things down among a mess. You should also make sure that you have all the necessary tools at the desk readily available so you can take notes, make appointments, and change things as needed.


Reception area displays are a fantastic way to generate sales for your salon or barbershop. Because clients have to spend some time sitting and waiting for their appointments, it’s beneficial to have something for them to look at as they wait. In addition, a display case allows you to promote the products that you’re selling and gives clients the opportunity to look through the shelves and find something they might like to try. Including this piece of furniture in your reception area is a direct way to generate sales while also allowing clients to kill some time before their appointment.

Styling Station

The styling station is where your clients will spend the majority of their appointment, so this area is of the utmost importance. This is the space where you transform your client’s appearance into something new and exciting, so you want to ensure that the area is just as enjoyable for them as their fresh hairstyle. Your client should be comfortable and able to see into the mirror easily throughout their haircut. You want to avoid any excessive clutter in this area as it can be distasteful and distracting to clientele. Make sure that your styling stations are clean and appropriately organized.

Salon and Barber Chairs

Because your clients spend so much of their time sitting during their appointment, your chairs are a crucial component in ensuring that they have a good experience. Therefore, you should find chairs that are comfortable, durable, and easy to maneuver. In addition, chairs that have a 360-degree swivel option are beneficial because they allow you as the stylist to access the client from every angle, and they also enable the client to view their hair from any direction.


People often overlook the importance of mirrors because it feels like a given in salons. However, not every mirror is the same. For example, a mirror that is too small is hard for many clients to see, so you want to ensure that your mirrors are large enough to accommodate each client. You also want to make sure that your mirrors are always clean and free of any streaks or product residue. Clients want to feel like they are a part of their salon experience, and the mirror is a significant way for them to interact and see what’s happening every step of the process. If your client likes what they see in the mirror once you finish styling their hair, they will be excited to book another appointment.


Practical storage space is another factor to consider when choosing furniture that will generate sales for your salon or barbershop. You want to ensure that you have enough storage area for yourself and the client, so choose your furniture with that in mind. To avoid having a messy or cluttered styling station, you should have some drawers and cabinet space to organize your products and tools. It’s also beneficial to have some storage space set aside strictly for clients where they can keep their purses, coats, car keys, or phones during their appointments. Going that extra mile for clients will make them feel special and let them know that you thought of them and their experience, which will increase the chances of them becoming loyal clients who will continue to book appointments. In the end, you are generating more sales for yourself and your business.

You can use these strategies to improve your own business now that you know how salon and barbershop furniture helps generate sales. Check out Salon Equipment Center’s selection of salon furniture and affordable barber chairs for your salon or barbershop.

How Your Salon and Barbershop Furniture Helps Generate Sales