Promotional Products To Sell in Your Salon

Promotional Products To Sell in Your Salon

Are you looking to maximize profits in your salon without increasing the prices of your services? Start offering promotional items. Customers have the freedom to purchase what they’d like, thereby boosting your profits and keeping your reputation great! Begin by knowing what promotional products to sell in your salon then organizing them strategically.

Offer Great Products

As you start considering all your options, make sure you have promotional items customers will want; keep in mind that these could reflect your salon. For example, if you want customers to see your shop as a high-end luxury salon, sell mini-spa kits containing a travel-sized shampoo and conditioner, lotion, and lip balm. Other great promotional products to sell in your salon are:

  • Nail clipper set
  • Compact brushes
  • Vanity bag

Once you’re ready to start marketing your promotional items, consider putting your shop’s name somewhere on it. This keeps your brand in the client’s mind! Additionally, set prices strategically; a nail clipper will likely cost less than a mini-spa kit.

How To Organize Products

Properly organizing your products is as important as selling the right promotional items; you want clients to find them with ease, so think carefully about where you have them. Consider keeping them:

  • In the reception area (or somewhere else that’s easy to locate)
  • At eye level
  • Strategically organized

As you begin arranging everything, have a system in place. For instance, you’ll likely see the most success if you keep complimenting products beside one another. Why does this work? Because if you’re selling mini shampoos, a client is more likely to buy the paired conditioner if beside it since they associate both as a package deal.

Why It Matters

Why does an organization system matter? More importantly, why do promotional products help your salon? Selling merchandise in your salon allows customers to spend extra money if they’d like to without feeling pressured or overcharged. Some may feel inclined to spend a bit on a vanity bag since they’ll get long-term use out of it.

Moreover, by selling these items, you have a chance to give clients gifts on occasion without overspending. If you have a birthday program, consider gifting your customer one of these, or better yet, give them the freedom to choose from a selection of inexpensive products.

By gifting these items to your clients on a special occasion, you remind them you care and allow them to test the product out without charge. This increases the chances of them making a purchase.

Selling desirable promotional items is as important as having high-quality salon equipment in your shop. Keep your clients comfortable as they receive your service by purchasing salon styling chairs, equipment, and accessories from Salon Equipment Center. Keep your clients feeling relaxed in your shop, so they’re happy to spend extra time inside browsing your desirable promotional products and coming back for your incredible service!