Proper Care and Maintenance of Styling Chairs

Proper Care and Maintenance of Styling Chairs

The styling chair is the centerpiece of your salon. Styling chairs get the most daily use on regular business days and require you to take good care of them. With proper care and maintenance of styling chairs, they will stay strong for years to come in your business. Customers will always look forward to sitting down in your well-maintained chairs for their hair styling.

Keep It Clean

Though you may take extra precautions to ensure a chair remains clean during a styling session, accidents do happen. After each client, clean and sanitize the chair—which you should always do, but this is especially necessary during the pandemic. Cleaning your chair after each client will allow you to check for stains and spills you didn’t notice earlier or leftover hair. What you clean your chair with will depend on what material it’s made of, so be careful to not use harsh, damaging cleaning techniques on more fragile material like leather.

Check the Hydraulics

Your styling chair relies on a hydraulic pump to keep customers properly elevated. If this part isn’t correctly cared for, the whole styling chair becomes no more than just a chair. Make sure that the parts stay lubricated by pumping it all the way up and letting it come down at least once a day. You may not regularly use every height that the chair offers, but you still don’t want it sticking shut.

Another way to take it easy on your hydraulic pumps is to lower the chair after every client. Only raise the chair once the client is in it; don’t make clients step on the footrest to get into the chair, as it causes unnecessary pressure on the hydraulic pump.

Salon Equipment Center’s salon and barber chairs all use Japanese-engineered hydraulic pumps, which offer higher quality than cheaper alternatives offered on other sites. Our pumps are guaranteed to last and are trusted to support up to 700 pounds.

Regularly Look for Damage

The sooner you spot damage to your styling chair, the quicker it can get fixed. Leaving damage on your chair, however small, will only cause it to worsen as it goes unfixed. See if the damage is covered in your chair’s warranty before either trying to fix it yourself or hiring someone to. If you don’t have to pay for damaged chair repair, it saves you precious money. Even if you otherwise take proper care and maintenance of styling chairs, unforeseen damage can ruin the effort you’ve put into extending a chair’s lifespan. Not to mention, damage can cause discomfort when sitting in the chair.

Our collection of salon styling chairs boasts a stellar five-year warranty—which is longer and covers more than any other warranty in the industry. Trust Salon Equipment Center to furnish your salon with the best all-purpose styling chair to style your shop’s interior and keep customers comfortable.