Questions Hairstylists Should Ask Their Customers

Questions Hairstylists Should Ask Their Customers

Asking your clients questions when they enter the shop ensures you understand them and what they’re looking for; luckily, experts in the industry have outlined the top questions hairstylists should ask their customers. By understanding your client’s vision and hair type, you can ensure their satisfaction when leaving the shop.

See Her Vision

Some of the most essential questions hairstylists should ask their customers center around what the client wants; when your client comes into the salon, she most likely has an idea of this but may need some guidance. Begin understanding what she envisioned for herself by asking:

  • How much maintenance she wants
  • What her timeline is
  • Styles she’s liked and disliked in the past
  • What her lifestyle is like

Answers to these questions will give you the information you need to know exactly what she’s looking for. Moreover, by understanding her timeline and maintenance level, you can best understand what styles she should avoid; for example, if she’s a busy mom on the go, she may struggle to keep up with a strict dye job.

Understand Her Hair Type

Does your client have curly hair with a lot of texture, or is it sleek and straight? How prone is it to breakage? Questioning your client on her hair type and scalp sensitivities is crucial to giving her a style that works. Gather this information by asking:

  • What styling tools she uses
  • If her hair is prone to frizz
  • If she has any skin allergies
  • What products she uses on her hair

As a hairstylist, understanding various hair types and scalp-related problems is essential; some individuals are allergic to certain oils or ingredients in hair products. By understanding this, you put your client’s needs first.

Make Conversation

Lastly, engage your clients in conversation to keep them feeling comfortable – every question you ask doesn’t have to center around her hair. You could ask her about her plans for the day, upcoming events, or:

  • How she found the salon
  • How her day is
  • Her fashion taste
  • How you can help her

Keeping things casual in your salon creates a relaxed atmosphere that intrigues clients; moreover, by understanding how a customer found your shop, you can discover new ways of attracting customers. Customers want to go to a salon with a staff that makes them feel welcome!

As you purchase high-quality equipment for your salon, shop at Salon Equipment Center and remember to keep clients feeling welcome and cared for with appropriate questions – this also helps you discover the best hairstyle for your customer.

Understanding her vision, lifestyle, and hair type gives you an idea of how you can best assist her. Before you walk your client to your hair salon stations and sit her in the chair, understand her fashion vision!