Salon Styling Stations: Which Style Is Best for Your Business?

Salon Styling Stations: Which Style Is Best for Your Business?

Clients appreciate ambience. After all, besides the services you provide, the atmosphere is one of the reasons they chose your salon and keep coming back to it over the dozens of others in the area. Salon styling stations are the primary piece of furniture in a salon. Understanding the various styles and choosing the best one for you, your stylists, and your customers will keep everyone happy.

Why Does Style Matter?

Different styles add to the feel of your salon and contribute to customer experience and stylist satisfaction. Having a suitable charm can help you stand out from other salons. The aesthetic of your salon will help you attract and keep clients.

What Styles Are There?

There are three main modern salon styling stations to choose from: wall-mounted, portable, and free-standing. Each option has different functionality and portability. Read on to learn which salon station style is best for your business.


Wall-mounted stations are excellent for making the best use of floor space, which will certainly help smaller salons! These choices are the most sturdy and full of organizational compartments and drawers. You can find wall-mounted options for mirrored or dual stations and cabinets.


Portable styling stations are perfect for hairdressers on the go. Stylists can easily roll them to another station across the salon or even another salon across town. For many stylists, portable salon styling stations offer the perfect amount of space and storage.


Free-standing stations offer the best of both worlds. They are versatile, thus allowing you to rearrange the salon quickly, but they still provide good storage space. They’re perfect for stylists looking to build up their tool kits and clientele.

Other Things To Consider

When shopping for which salon styling station is best for your business, there are a handful of other factors to consider. How much storage do you need? Is portability a requirement? What look would highlight your salon best? What other professional features or functions would be beneficial to have?

No matter what you need or how you answer the above questions, you can count on Salon Equipment Center to supply the highest-quality gear for your enterprise.