Signs It’s Time To Expand Your Salon

Signs It’s Time To Expand Your Salon

Expanding any business can be a risky move if you are unprepared. Luckily, in the salon business, it can be easy to know when you need to move into a larger storefront or add another location. These telling signs it’s time to expand your salon will help you make the most economical decision with your growing stylist business.

Your Schedule Is Booked

A busy business is a successful business, but if you can’t accommodate new customers because of a full schedule, then you need to do something about it. Hiring new employees or expanding business hours can help with an overbooked schedule, but it may not always be possible. When you’ve exhausted your options, and you and your stylists are still too busy, it’s time to expand the salon. If you notice a lot of your business comes from across town, open a new location closer to them. Customers may be quicker to recommend your salon services to friends if you are local.

Cramped Space

During the average business day, do you find that you and your employees are getting too cozy in the parlor? If everyone is stepping on each other’s toes, it might be time to relocate or expand. Relocating your salon to somewhere with more space is a safer decision to make if your current salon space is tiny. If you’re already running an average-sized salon business, you may need to add another location to avoid overcrowding.

You Have a New Manager in Mind

You can’t be everywhere at once, especially if you open another location. Before you decide to expand, make sure you have a manager to run the new or old location—someone who you trust to hold the keys to your business. Having a trusted right-hand stylist at the ready will make the transition far easier and hiring new stylists go by quicker.

You Can Afford To Expand

The most important sign it’s time to expand your salon is that you have the capital to do so. Before you can grow your business, you’ll need to know how far in the positives your business is and how much money you can afford to spend. A second location will likely not go positive right away and will take some time to drum up a consistent clientele. If your current salon is raking in enough money for two salons or more, you may be able to expand your business. Carefully consider all the expenses you’ll need to open a second location and keep a tight grip on your budget.

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