Stylish Design Ideas for Your Salon’s Interior

Stylish Design Ideas for Your Salon’s Interior

To establish yourself as the favorite salon of your clientele, you need a solid identity to become a local staple. Much of your salon’s identity comes from your sleek interior design, but choosing a design for your salon is a difficult decision to make. Spark your creativity with some clever and stylish design ideas for your salon’s interior to make your salon the place everyone wants to go for their beauty services. Use one or mix and match—whichever suits your personality and your audience best can boost the overall appearance of your business.

Classy Glassy Elegance

One of the most popular salon interior designs right now involves the use of clean glass, tall mirrors, and chromatic accents. Play with shapes and outlines as you simplify your design down to the bare-bone basics. Pick circular mirrors for a fun, bubbly mood while retaining your salon’s elegance or purchase large, rectangular floor-to-ceiling mirrors for each station. Make sure your shelves are all glass to tie each furniture piece together.

Your furniture and equipment should have simple metallic accents to match the modernity of your design. Polish the metal regularly to keep it shining—the chromatic shine is what ties the glass and metal together to create harmony.

Clean and Simple: Black and White

Sometimes the best way to create a design that stands out is to contrast light and dark elements. Black and white color schemes are a classic design that allow you to keep a bright studio without creating a hospital-like interior. Try to keep the atmosphere bright to avoid lighting issues that could affect your ability to work or your clients’ ability to see.

A fully black and white interior makes any other color stand out more than it normally would. Try adding bold red accents to make areas of your salon studio pop with color.

Add Some Green with Plants

Some stylists and salon artists prefer to add natural beauty into their studios to complement the beauty of their clientele. Go as wild as you want with plants—turn your studio into a woodland fantasy or add simple flowery accents to walls and corners. Place wall décor around the room to match your plant preferences, like landscape photos or paintings of your favorite greenery in its natural habitat.

If you want to emphasize the natural, you may want furniture that complements the greenery in natural colors and wood. This design method allows more flexibility with the equipment you choose—whether you make your furniture stand out or blend in depends on how far you go with the natural décor!

Lovely Pink

Pink is a color that’s easy on the eyes and can work with nearly any other color when used properly. If you love pink and want your entire client base to know it, use it tastefully throughout your interior design. You can use certain shades of pink—for instance, pastel pink may work well in large quantities, but hot pink or magenta can ruin your salon’s interior if you use too much of it.

Try matching your pink décor with a complementary color. You may find success with gold accents and white furnishings.

Classic Antique Style

Many classic barbershops utilize antique or antique-inspired décor and furniture in their studios to appeal to lovers of the early 20th-century style. Fill your salon with antiques and local treasures from your business’s location to create excellent talking points with your clientele. Invest in furniture that matches the era of your antiques and line the walls with old photographs and paintings from your chosen time period.

You could go with a classic checkerboard pattern for your flooring or a deep rustic wood to match the mood of your studio. You may even use brick for your walls to make your business feel like an old speakeasy. If you use genuine antiques, be careful and take good care of them to ensure they don’t break—remember, they’re irreplaceable!

Mid-Century Modern

If you’d rather go vintage than fully antique, consider filling your salon with the styles and designs that may still have a home in some clients’ memories. Go retro, colorful, bold, and bright with your design and complete it with photographs of the old musical greats from the fifties and sixties. Keep your upholstery and appliances pastel to maintain the brightness of the times. Add to the atmosphere by playing oldies on the stereo while you give your clients their preferred salon services.

Industrial Loft

When appealing to a younger audience, keeping your salon’s design simple and industrial can work well as your interior. Keep at least one brick wall and leave the ducts and vents exposed on the ceiling—much like a loft-style apartment. You may even opt to have walls not actually reach the ceiling so you can maintain an open atmosphere.

Complement the design with machinery-based décor and modern art or cityscape photography. Purchase simple salon equipment with exposed metal and dark colors. Remember to keep the studio well-lit to avoid making mistakes while working.

Wooden and Rustic

For a homey yet stylish design idea for your salon’s interior, use plenty of wood in your décor, floors, and walls. Fill your reception room with cozy cabin furniture and warm, welcoming décor that makes clientele feel at home right as they walk through the door. Use warm lighting in your studio and neutral, natural colors in your furniture. Leather works well with rustic designs. Frame your mirrors with wood to embolden their outline.

The interior design of your salon business is just as important as the interior design of your home—if not more important. How your business looks from the inside can define your mood as you work long hours, and it can also affect the mood of your clients.

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Stylish Design Ideas for Your Salon’s Interior