The Difference Between Barber and Salon Chairs

The Difference Between Barber and Salon Chairs

As you run your salon or barber shop business, you may wonder why you limit yourself to just one type of chair. Salon styling chairs and barber chairs both have different purposes many people don’t think or know about. While your business grows, the thought of providing both barber and salon styling services might cross your mind. Knowing the difference between barber and salon chairs before acclimating new clientele will save you from providing a less-satisfactory service due to your choice of chair.

Know the Difference Between a Salon Stylist and a Barber

Before getting into the details of the chairs, it’s first important to recognize the different jobs salon stylists and barbers are in charge of. The key difference lies in facial hair specialty and razor skills. Barbers must know how to manage the facial hair of their clients and provide a clean shave or trim whenever needed. Salon stylists focus more on hair styles and their skills with scissors. The line between razor skills and hair skills blends with short hairstyles at the salon.

The Answer

Knowing the difference in a salon stylist’s job versus a barber’s job now makes it easier to discern the difference in their chairs. Because a barber’s focus lies in their beard care, they require a chair that provides their clients with neck support as they recline. This need results in the classic silhouette of a barber chair with a headrest, armrests, and footrest. Barber chairs can recline to make it easier for the barber to trim and shave facial hair into iconic styles.

Salon chairs don’t require full reclining functions. A headrest only hinders the work of a salon stylist, so many salon styling chairs don’t include them at all. Because they lack these key features, they’re often less expensive and the manufacturers put more thought into their sleek design.

While some manufacturers also rob you of a high-quality hydraulic pump with a salon styling chair, at Salon Equipment Center you’re guaranteed the same high-quality Japanese-engineered hydraulic pump we put in our barber chairs.

The In-Between

If you plan on opening your business up for both barber and salon styling services, it’s important to equip your salon with the right chairs. You don’t need to mix and match chairs to make a design faux pas; simply invest in a set of chairs that do both jobs just as well. All-purpose salon chairs with removable headrests and supportive reclining capabilities will provide you with the utility you need for your clients. They’re also perfectly suited for every job in a salon, such as shampooing and coloring, if you have portable stations.

As a family-owned business, Salon Equipment Center has plenty of experience knowing the difference between barber and salon chairs as we’ve supplied countless businesses with the perfect high-quality chairs for their needs. Contact us today to discuss the type of chair your business needs and your financing options.