The Differences Between Piped-in and Pipeless Pedicure Chairs

The Differences Between Piped-in and Pipeless Pedicure Chairs

There are two types of salon pedicure chairs used in the nail salon world. As a salon owner, knowing the difference between piped-in and pipeless pedicure chairs is essential, as both have various advantages you could utilize in your salon as well as and disadvantages to note.

Piped-In Pedicure Chairs

As both pedicure chairs come with a bowl for the clients’ feet, the main difference between piped-in and pipless pedicure chairs lies in the fact that a piped-in pedicure chair contains a system of pipes that works as jets. These jets circulate the water in the bowl and continuously recycle it to ensure you waste less water throughout the pedicure process.


However, piped-in pedicure chairs have a few disadvantages, and the most important is that they’re expensive to maintain and hard to properly clean. It’s required you sanitize them between every client since the water recycling process causes skin oil and dead skin to get trapped in the pipes. Simply cleaning the bowl isn’t enough.

While the maintenance process is time-consuming, it’s necessary to make certain all bacterial traces get removed from the equipment for other guests’ safety.

Pipeless Pedicure Chairs

A pipeless chair is more sanitary because water does not flow through the bowl throughout the pedicure process; instead, it fills the bowl from a single pipe. Due to this difference, the pipe does not harbor bacteria, and sanitation is easy; technicians have to clean out the bowl and their tools between guests. Moreover, pipeless pedicure chairs are generally quieter and push water around the bowl with a fan instead of a pipe system.


While pipeless chairs are often preferred, they also come with a few disadvantages. For starters, the fans used to maneuver water around the bowl wear out over time, and repairs are pricy. Not to mention, a pipeless pedicure chair costs more than a piped one, as it has more up-to-date technology. Salon Equipment Center offers a variety of pipeless pedicure chairs at a discounted price for your salon.

The style of pedicure chair you place in your nail salon is dependent on how much upkeep you’re willing to put into it; keep in mind, proper sanitation of a piped-in chair is essential to ensure guests don’t develop bacterial or fungal infections after visiting your salon. When purchasing or updating furniture in your salon, look for pedicure chairs at Salon Equipment Center and keep the pros and cons of both piped-in and pipeless pedicure chairs in mind.