The Different Types of Manicure Tables

The Different Types of Manicure Tables

As you gather the materials to open your nail salon, ensure you have the proper equipment, and most importantly, know the different types of manicure tables. You do not want to purchase the wrong one for your shop; doing this is inefficient and could create discomfort for the client. While one manicure table is for salons, they’re also made for home and mobile use depending on your needs.

Manicure Tables at Home

Anyone could purchase and use a home manicure table; it’s especially beneficial if you don’t own a shop but enjoy doing nails and want to practice with friends and family. However, this type of nail table is also useful to those who work in a shop and out of their house. Some technicians allow trusted clientele to come into their home to receive a service, and if they do, this table is preferred because it’s smaller than the manicure table typically found in a salon.

Manicure Tables in the Salon

salon manicure table is made for and sold to certified nail technicians. They come in several styles, some including wheels while others have several stations to ensure you make the most use out of your space. Moreover, there’s plenty of room for the technician to sit on one end with the customer at the other as they receive service. The Salon Equipment Center sells high-quality manicure tables at a great price so you can fill your salon and provide customers with great service.

Manicure Tables for Mobile Use

This manicure table is lightweight and often foldable, making it easy for travel and storage; however, it still has the durability of a non-collapsible, stationary table. A mobile manicure table is useful to technicians because it is easy to transport. For example, if you plan to work at an event or fair for a small business to increase your marketing, this table allows you to show off your skills as a nail technician with ease!

As you purchase the furniture to build your nail empire, understand the different types of manicure tables since you want one that’s suitable for your salon to ensure happy customers. As you search for the perfect manicure table for your nail salon, shop at The Salon Equipment Center for quality furniture at a fair price. While you’re there, check out other necessary pieces like UV nail dryers, table lamps, and more to fill your nail salon with the best equipment!