The Different Types of Styling Chairs

The Different Types of Styling Chairs

Your salon or barbershop’s styling chairs are more than just a place for clients to sit—they each serve a purpose, whether you recognize it or not. It’s common for clients to see more than one type of styling chair in an upscale salon, but it’s just as important that you know the differences between each kind of styling chair. With our quick guide to the different types of styling chairs, you’ll be prepared to make the perfect purchase for your barbershop or salon.

Barber Chairs

As we wrote about in our previous blog post, barber chairs perform vastly different services than any other styling chair. Barber chairs can recline and provide back and neck support for clients as the barber provides them with beard and facial hair care. With cloud-like comfort and a streamlined design, clients can simply relax as the barber gets to work on their style of choice.

Hydraulic Salon Styling Chair

The salon styling chairs are where the magic happens. These centerpieces are the hub for most of a stylist’s precise work, including hair cutting, styling, and shaving. Since stylists rarely focus on facial hair, styling chairs do not often recline, but they make up for this with their sleek and modern style, comfortability, and price.

For the most part, these styling chairs are immobile; however, it is possible to find a styling chair with wheels so you can zip clients around to other stations in the studio.

Shampoo Chair

Sometimes, a shampoo chair is built right into the shampoo station. These chairs must allow the client to recline their head directly into the washbasin for easy shampooing. If you’re on a budget and already have a styling chair on wheels, you can buy a shampoo station that’s separate from a chair so you can move a client from the styling station to the shampooing station easily.

Dryer Chair

One of the bulkiest types of chairs in a salon is the stylist’s dryer chair. These chairs need to be larger in size so they can fit the dryer seamlessly into the back. Sturdy and unmoving, these comfortable seats allow clients to sit still for the full amount of time required to dry their hair.

All-Purpose Chairs

For professionals who perform both the job of a barber and a hairstylist or for those who have portable stations in their studio, an all-purpose chair will provide the most comfort for your clients. These chairs recline for use in a shampoo basin and provide a removable headrest for facial hair services. If your salon provides multiple services from head to toe, these chairs will make your work easier and will conserve precious space in the studio.

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