The Guide To Purchasing the Perfect Shampoo Units

The Guide To Purchasing the Perfect Shampoo Units

When people think about the most important pieces of equipment or furniture at a salon, they might think of the client’s chair or the stylist’s scissors. However, the haircutting experience begins even before this—it begins when clients are getting their hair washed. Not all shampoo units are equal, though. It is essential to invest in one that is durable enough to last for a while.

Additionally, good-quality shampoo units should be comfortable for your customers to rest in for their hair appointment. They should have effortless functionality for your stylists. Lastly, the aesthetics of a shampoo unit is also a valuable factor to consider, as you want to make sure it will fit in with your salon’s ambiance.

Shampoo Units Versus Shampoo Bowls

Purchasing shampoo units—which are also called backwash units—means the shampooing bowl and chair are one instead of separate pieces. This makes them incredibly convenient to shop around for, which saves you time and money. By purchasing a complete unit, you can be sure that the chair’s height matches the bowl’s height, keeping installation nice and straightforward. With years of experience, manufacturers know what works best in the industry. Keep reading this guide to purchasing the perfect shampoo units to learn more.

Consider Unit Functionality

Functionality is the most critical factor to look at when shopping for units. Since these are a vital piece of the salon experience, they must be easy to use. Stylists can get distracted by providing customer service, so the shampoo unit should be as intuitive as possible to use. When they’re fool-proof, there’s less liability for things going wrong.

The controls should be simple to use and quick to access. Likewise, there are now different technical options for equipment. For example, do you want a unit that you raise via a traditional lever, or do you want to upgrade to electronic hydraulics?

Select the Appropriate Size

The right size shampoo unit is another element to look for. Most shampoo units will fit most bodies. However, what if you own a salon focused on kids? Or what if your sports-themed barbershop has mostly male customers? In either of these scenarios, you might lean towards other units that better fit those groups of people. Units already come with perfect proportions. There’s no need for you to mix and match multiple pieces of equipment.

While the unit needs to accommodate the individual sitting in it, it should also be the right size for the salon. You don’t want to get a bulky shampoo unit if you have a tiny boutique; it would take up too much precious space.

Remember Your Salon’s Aesthetic

Similar to finding a unit size that fits your salon’s atmosphere, the shampoo unit’s design should also match the aesthetic of the salon. A dainty and cheap-looking shampooing unit wouldn’t be the right fit for an elegant salon. Another thing to consider is if you want the chairs to remain separated or if you want to purchase some side-by-side units.

The right style keeps the space inviting for customers. Style provides a well-rounded experience that they remember and look forward to for the next time they get a haircut. Different designs are also pleasant for stylists to work with. Design can also contribute to the cleanliness of the salon. For example, dark sinks can hide stains in the bowls, making your salon appear sleeker and more inviting.

Opt for Shampooing Comfort

Comfortable chairs are paramount. You always want your customers to leave as happy as possible and comfortability is one way to contribute to this. Find shampoo units that feel stable and secure for clients to lean back in. Some designs have clients almost entirely horizontal. Find the angle you think will be best for your salon. It’s also valuable to get a shampoo unit with a solid base. You don’t want a customer to feel as if they’re going to tip over if they have to readjust in their seat.

Chairs should have enough padding for clients to sense they can kick back and relax. It’s vital for people of all body types to feel comfortable. There are even chairs with adjustable footrests! These make longer appointments with multiple washing sessions much more comfortable for your customers. The material of the chairs also adds to the client’s level of comfort. For example, armrests made from metal aren’t going to feel as relaxing as those padded with leather.


While choosing a high-quality shampooing unit is the first step, you also need to make sure your choice comes with a good warranty. Warranties are keystone pieces of equipment for your salon’s services. You never know when something is going to go wrong. You also don’t want to have to purchase brand new units at the first sign of damage.

Unfortunately, not all suppliers provide warranties. Salon Equipment Center does for all our products, including our salon shampoo stations! You can purchase without buyer’s remorse and know that your business investment is protected if anything goes wrong with it.

Proper Installation

After you’ve found the perfect shampooing unit for your salon, you’ll need to install it properly. Luckily, shampoo units are easy to install compared to buying all the components individually. The height will probably already be ideal for the stylists. But if you notice they have to lean over too much, then it’s time to make some adjustments.

It would be best if you also got a qualified plumber to properly hook up the unit. There might be building codes to adhere to or other regulations that the unit plumbing needs to follow. You also don’t want your stylists to deal with any leakage accidents or water pressure issues when trying to provide excellent customer service.

The great thing about shampoo units is that they’re all-in-one. There’s no need to mix and match chairs, bowls, and stands to find the correct configuration for your salon. Experienced industry leaders have already done this for you. All that you need is to find the perfect unit for your salon that matches your needs and get it installed. Remember some keys points from this guide to purchasing the perfect shampoo unit and you’ll have a salon ready for business.

The Guide To Purchasing the Perfect Shampoo Units