3 Different Ways To Boost Salon Retail Sales

3 Different Ways To Boost Salon Retail Sales

Despite contrary belief, retail in a salon has a purpose other than sitting on a shelf. Often, the stylist will use several of these products during the appointment and suggest them to help clients recreate the experience at home.

However, a stylist’s approach in suggesting retail to a client can hurt their sale regardless of the product’s quality. In this article, you’ll learn three different ways to boost salon retail sales, encourage client retention, and improve job security.

Use Products in the Chair

A perfect opportunity and one of the most successful ways to suggest a product is by doing so when a client is in the chair. Whether your client is sitting in one of your salon backwash units or relaxing in the styling station, you can engage quizzical minds by using products during the appointment to encourage purchase.

Consider taking extra time out of the appointment to further educate clients on product use to ensure their tresses always look as if they just walked out of the salon.

Demonstrate Product Use

Before you recommend products, it’s best to use them and know how the product affects each client and hair type. Knowing this information can distinguish the retail available in your business from items that are available in drug stores.

Prepare to answer questions on unique ingredients behind suggested items to build trust with your clientele.

Consult Your Clients

It’s best to consult your clients before the appointment begins and before suggesting unique products. Engage them in conversation by asking about potential hair concerns, styling routines, and what clients like about their hair.

Communication is vital when building relationships with clientele; the more open and honest you are, the more you can determine the causes of hair issues and provide suitable solutions.

Suggesting retail products to your clientele can be daunting, especially if you don’t have a high success rate. But there are different ways to boost salon retail sales, educate clients on an improved hair care experience, motivate staff, and showcase a strong brand alignment.

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