Tips for Choosing Nail Salon Furniture

Tips for Choosing Nail Salon Furniture

Furnishing your nail salon can be one of the most difficult parts of your business’s opening preparations, whether you are starting a nail salon or remodeling one. By finding creative ways to furnish your salon and picking out just the right furniture, you can set your business apart from all the competition.

It is important to keep a list of all the essentials when picking out nail salon furniture and to consider all the services you want your nail salon to offer when doing so. If you struggle with the final step of salon ownership, keep our handy tips for choosing nail salon furniture in mind while you browse.

The Essentials

Before you start your search, make sure you consider the essential furniture that all nail salons require to function. While we have a list of all the most frequently essential pieces of furniture that nail salons need, yours may offer extra services or fewer services that will require fewer or more furniture purchases. Create your own shopping list for nail salon furniture and consider adding these essential elements:

Manicure Tables and Chairs

Manicure stations are the heart of your nail salon operation. As the symbol of your business and passion for nail art, put extra thought into how you want your tables to be set up. With a specific blueprint in mind for your studio, you can narrow your choices and pick the right manicure tables. You may also want to consider tables with extra storage or built-in features, such as dryers, if your studio is low on space.

To be a nail artist or technician requires precise, steady hands. If you or your client are uncomfortable in your manicure chairs, it may lead to you or your staff giving unsatisfactory services. Make it easy on both your nail technicians and clientele by providing them with comfortable seating as they get their manicures.

Pedicure Chairs

If your nail salon provides pedicures, you will need plenty of pedicure chairs that keep clients comfortable while your staff tends to their toenails. Salon pedicure chairs range from the simple chair-basin-footstool combo to advanced reclining pedicure chairs with vibrating massage seats and whirlpool wash basins. Consider which type of chair works best in your salon with the clientele you want to attract.

Nail Dryers

To avoid long dry times on gels and polish along with the risks that come with allowing nails to airdry, such as drips and flaws, it is important that you provide each manicure station with its own hand dryer. As mentioned before, it is possible to purchase manicure tables that include dryers in their design.


Your nail salon will have plenty of equipment that needs a home whenever its not in use, meaning you will need just as much storage in your studio to match. Purchase stations with extra storage, set up cabinetry, and find a unique way to display and store the nail products you use. You may consider salvaging or crafting your own storage, especially to create something eye-catching for polishes. Buying new shelving or storage solutions will not break the bank, however.

Salon Stools and Trolleys

Employees in your nail salon may need to move from client to client rapidly. Facilitate each job around the studio with comfortable salon stools and functional nail salon trolleys. Employees can remain seated while doing their job, saving them from aching backs and legs by the end of the day.

Trolleys ensure that nail salon equipment can make it around the studio without the technician spending time sorting out what they need. You may even consider prepping a trolley for someone to oversee throughout the day.

Reception Room Furniture

Lastly, if you have a reception room for your nail salon, make sure it is welcoming and pleasant to wait in with comfortable furniture. Each salon’s reception room is different, but typically all will require reception desks, a computer, seating, and a coffee table. You may provide clientele with magazines from a magazine rack or coffee from an instant coffee machine. Many salons also display partnered products for sale on shelves or racks. Make a list of the features you want in your waiting room and turn them into a reality with proper furnishings.

Consider the Space You Have To Work With

Do not start purchasing your nail salon furniture until you know it all fits into your salon studio! It might help you to map out everywhere you want your furniture to go on a blueprint measured to scale. If you are replacing old furniture, make sure to match the measurements of the current furniture when choosing a new piece of equipment.

Try to find ways for clientele to enjoy views or inspiring décor while they receive their salon services. Always face them towards windows and paintings—they will have to sit in one place for a while, so they may as well have a wonderful view.

Keep Your Design in Mind

As you decide on new furniture for your nail salon, consider the general mood you want your studio to convey. Your salon’s mood may boil down to something as simple as a color scheme, or it could be as complex as a specific theme—like vintage or upscale elegance. Every piece of equipment and furniture that you stock your studio with should match your theme as much as possible. Some equipment may not fit exactly, but you can find a color that blends in even if its function does not match.

Create a Budget

When it comes to all the tips for choosing nail salon furniture, creating a reasonable budget is the most important part. Research how much each essential piece of furniture costs, and from there determine how much you can afford to put into your studio’s equipment costs. There may be areas that you will need to cut corners on, such as reception furniture or storage, but you can always come back and add to your design as your business gains more traction.

Even if you have a budget on the lower end of the spectrum, Salon Equipment Center can keep you supplied with all the high-quality nail salon essentials with affordable payment plans and bundled furniture packages. Our family-owned, down-to-earth business has kept many nail salons properly equipped across the country, so contact us today to get your business set up with the best fitting furniture for your nail salon studio.

Tips for Choosing Nail Salon Furniture