Tips for Choosing the Right Location for Your Salon

Tips for Choosing the Right Location for Your Salon

When you’re scouting for the perfect commercial space for your salon business, there are some major things you should consider. Location is a top priority for any business, so you want to make the best choice possible. Here are some essential tips for choosing the right location for your salon.


The first thing you will want to consider when choosing a location for your salon business is the neighborhood. The area your salon is in dramatically impacts how much foot traffic passes your shop in a day, generating potential business. If you choose a popular neighborhood in town with many other frequently visited stores nearby, you can give yourself a positive advantage. However, you want to ensure that you are not too close to competitors, as other salons can draw potential clients away.


Accessibility is another thing you’ll want to remember when searching for the perfect salon location. You want to ensure that your business is easy to find and get to. If your salon is hard to access from sidewalks or other roads, you may create a challenge for yourself and your clients. If people have difficulty finding your business, they may visit a competitor instead. Therefore, you should prioritize accessibility when selecting a location for your salon.


You should also think about visibility when picking a location for your salon business. Visibility and accessibility go hand in hand when it comes to your store. If people can easily see and access your salon, they are more likely to come in for an appointment. If you want to receive a higher volume of walk-in appointments, you’ll want to ensure that your salon is visible from the street.

However, higher-end clients may prefer a bit more privacy during their appointments. If you have a large audience of clients seeking a luxury experience, you might want to consider a location that offers less street visibility.


Space is the next thing to consider as you select a salon location. The interior is just as important as the exterior, if not more so. Look for a space that provides enough internal space to accommodate your clients. If you tend to have longer wait times, you’ll want ample space to use as a reception area for clients. And if you have multiple stylists working at a time, you will need enough room for several salon stations and chairs. Consider how many clients and stylists you have when choosing the best size for your salon space.

Remember these tips for selecting the best salon location as you look for business spaces. Once you find the perfect location, check out Salon Equipment Center’s large selection of wholesale salon equipment to set up your business. Salon Equipment Center has been family-owned and operated since 1997, and we offer financing options to ensure new salons have the tools to succeed.