Tips for Creating a Customer-Friendly Salon Design

Tips for Creating a Customer-Friendly Salon Design

A trip to the salon is about more than just a haircut and styling—it’s a chance to renew and refresh yourself. As the owner of a salon or barbershop, it is not only your job to make your customers look stylish but also to provide your patrons with comfort and relaxation. Customers will flock to your salon if they love the cozy embrace of your business’s design and atmosphere. With our tips for creating a customer-friendly salon design, you can create an aesthetically pleasing salon or barbershop interior that will have your customers coming back for more.

Create a Welcoming Reception Room

Your customers’ first impressions of the salon form the basis for their satisfying visit. A warm reception room with welcoming staff and comfortable furniture is essential for customer satisfaction. Do you have reference materials or magazines set aside for your customers? You should clearly mark anything that you want your customers to be able to read while waiting or searching for the perfect style and should place these items somewhere that is easy to access. Retail shelves and product advertisements should be off to the side and out of the way—not forced in your customers’ faces.

Consider keeping a coffee maker or water dispenser in the reception room for guests who have long wait times. It may require some extra maintenance, but no customer will be unhappy after they’ve had a satisfying cup of coffee.

Provide Comfort During Their Styling

Every customer loves the feeling of a stylist washing, cutting, and styling their hair. Your customers will love the process even more if they’re sat on comfortable salon furniture. A salon shampoo unit with a reclining, cushioned chair will put customers in their ultimate Zen mode as you gently scrub their scalp. Follow their hair wash by seating them in a luxurious styling chair, and the rest of their appointment will go swimmingly. Keep the materials that you will be using out in the open so customers can see them, if possible. It will build trust both in their treatment and your business.

Make Your Salon Beautiful

The salon’s interior is easy to glaze past when considering tips for creating a customer-friendly salon design. Beautiful surroundings will raise a customer’s comfort level and their overall impression of your business. Create a flowing theme that unifies each room of your salon. Dim lights and warm, soothing colors are pleasing to the eye, especially when paired with a light hardwood floor. Be careful when choosing a darker floor as it can obscure hair that falls to the ground, causing a slipping hazard.

Another way to keep your salon beautiful is by cleaning and sanitizing it regularly. A squeaky-clean store will attract more customers than a dingy one. Make sure to maintain your furniture so it continues to look brand new every time your regular customers come back. If you need new, elegant salon furniture at prices that fit your budget, browse our collection at Salon Equipment Center.