Tips for Finding Quality Salon Chairs

Tips for Finding Quality Salon Chairs

Quality styling chairs can improve your salon’s reputation as your clients will be able to relax and be comfortable while you get to work on their hair. Any successful salon will specialize in coziness, whether it’s with décor or furniture. Make all your clients’ visits special with a salon chair that becomes a staple of your interior decoration. If you struggle to pick out the best salon chairs for your business, we have tips for finding quality salon chairs that you can’t ignore.

Stylish Appearance

A high-quality styling chair should easily fit in with your salon’s aesthetic. It doesn’t matter if you have an antique or modern design in your salon—you need chairs that align with it. It’s easy to tell if a salon chair looks attractive when seeing it in person since you can perform a detailed inspection. When purchasing online, however, the pictures of the chair that you’d like to purchase should do a good job of displaying the stylish features. The manufacturer you choose should be trustworthy and have a reputation to uphold. Don’t be fooled by hastily put together knockoffs with flimsy warranties.

Quality Internal Components

While you can reupholster a salon chair at any time in its life, the frame and hydraulic pump of your chairs are harder to replace. If the bones of the chair give out after a warranty is up, it may require you to replace the entire chair if you can’t repair it. Make sure your styling chair supplier uses high-grade materials before you purchase from them.

The most important, irreplaceable part of a styling chair is the hydraulic pump. At Salon Equipment Center, we integrate high-quality, Japanese-engineered hydraulic pumps into all of our styling and barber chairs. These pumps are long-lasting and sturdy enough to hold from 450 to 700 pounds.

Check the Warranty

The most telling of the tips for finding quality salon chairs is the warranty. Any salon furniture supplier should offer a stellar warranty to back up their high-end salon chairs. A warranty is like a promise that a piece of furniture will function—and if it doesn’t, the supplier will perform repairs. The longer and more detailed the warranty, the more confident you can be that the chair you’ve purchased will keep your customers satisfied and last for a long time. Often a separate warranty will exist for the hydraulic pump, and the best warranties will apply to the most expensive products—but a supplier that is confident in the quality of its products won’t lock the best warranties behind an expensive paywall.

Unlike any other supplier, family-run Salon Equipment Center offers a 5-year warranty on most of our products’ frames, components, and elegant eco-leather upholsteries. We offer a 3-year warranty on our high-end hydraulic pumps in case anything goes wrong. We’re confident that our wide selection of high-quality salon styling chairs will suit any salon’s theme and needs.