Tips for Making Your Salon Clients Feel More Comfortable

Tips for Making Your Salon Clients Feel More Comfortable

It’s difficult for a salon customer to relax and allow you to take care of them if they don’t feel comfortable. Give your clientele the opportunity to wind down after a long day by providing them with the perfect methods for physical comfort. Whether you’re working on their hair, nails, or feet, a relaxed client is easier to work with than a tense one. When they’re relaxed, you can perform at your best. Keep these tips for making your salon clients feel more comfortable in mind when designing or redesigning your haven of a business.

Give Clients Something To Do While Waiting

Full-body client relaxation should begin as soon as they enter your salon. If they need to wait for another client’s service to finish, give them some form of entertainment. Provide them with a cup of coffee or tea or leave the T.V. on a channel of their choosing. Greet clients with hospitality; let them take their coats off and take the time to rest as they sink into the comfortable seating your reception room has to offer.

Perfect Your Routine

The better your workflow, the more confident your customers will be in your salon’s service. Master the order of operations in your salon and only alter the routine when a customer requests a realistic change. Place the stations in a way that facilitates moving clients around the room or allow your client to stay in one seat with stations on wheels.

During your services, focus on keeping the clients comfortable. Frequently ask how they’re doing and keep an open conversation to allow them to speak up if they need to. Never use water that’s too hot or too cold and watch how forceful you are while washing or massaging them.

Ensure Your Furniture Is Comfortable

The most important tip for making your salon clients feel more comfortable is to purchase comfortable furniture. If you aren’t satisfied with the comfort of your salon chairs or reception furniture, your clients won’t be either. If a client must constantly shift around in the seat to try and relax, it’ll impact the quality of your service.

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