Tips for Reopening Your Hair Salon Safely

Tips for Reopening Your Hair Salon Safely

Are you preparing to reopen your salon after an extended closure due to the pandemic? Expectations aren’t as lenient as they once were, and following regulation is crucial. Following tips for reopening your hair salon safely to ensure your salon remains successful despite the many changes.

Protect Your Clients

Remind your clients that you clean the shop and chairs between customers because safety comes first. If a client asks you to wipe down a chair before they sit down for a color and cut, do so. Moreover, styling tools and workstations should get disinfected between uses to lessen the risk of spreading the virus or germs.

If you run a busy salon, have a set number of people allowed inside at any given time to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. You also may want to consider taping off areas between styling stations and in the reception area so everyone remains six feet apart.

Don’t Forget the Reception Area

As you clean your salon and adhere to regulations, don’t overlook your reception area. Clients spend time there, so wipe down your salon reception furniture. Buy plastic covers for what you cannot regularly disinfect. To keep the area clear, consider:

  • Having a waitlist for clients
  • Blocking off every other chair
  • Temporarily engage by appointment only

Doing this keeps the salon running smoothly and protects everyone inside by keeping the number of people to a minimum.

Establish Employee Rules

Your stylists encounter a lot of people, and these rules protect them and the customers. Have strict rules for your staff to follow, such as:

  • Checking their temperature before shifts
  • Requiring them to wear masks and gloves
  • Cleaning workstations between clients

By making your expectations clear, you can reopen your salon safely. You may want to hold a meeting with all your employees to ensure everyone shares the same understanding of these rules.

Minimize Face-to-Face Interaction

Keep personal contact to a minimum. Remember having contactless payments and restricting walk-ins keeps things easy. Customers could pay online or through one of the many apps instead.

Once you’ve laid out safety guidelines for your staff and clients to adhere to, start letting your customers know that your doors are open once again! Remember that keeping clients and staff safe is your top priority. With the tips for reopening your hair salon safely, you can get back to doing what you love and start welcoming customers back to your shop!

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