Tips for Setting up Your Salon Reception Area

Tips for Setting up Your Salon Reception Area

The reception area of any business is one of the most telling quality indicators for customers. A messy or unpleasant waiting room doesn’t make you, as a business owner and salon expert, look good—in fact, it could drive away customers. If you follow these tips for setting up your salon reception area, customers will enjoy the time they spend in your cozy waiting room and won’t want to leave!

Accessible Relevant Reference Materials

Every salon should have magazines full of this year’s most popular haircuts and styles. Set these out for your customers to peruse while they wait for their turn in the chair. Leafing through pages of possible haircuts can make time pass quicker for them. If a customer finds a hairstyle that they love, having the picture on hand can help you know exactly what they want rather than relying on their vague descriptions.

You can’t easily disinfect magazines. During the pandemic, it’s best to remove any book or magazine that a customer uses from circulation for four days. Until it’s safe, recommend online reference materials that they can pull up on their phones.

Clean and Sanitize

Sanitizing your furniture isn’t just an essential task during a pandemic—you should make part of your closing routine every night. Keep the areas your patrons spend time in uncluttered and clean. Sanitize your reception desk for the sake of your receptionist and your patrons. Wipe down chairs and tables as well. If you normally keep coffee mugs or cups for water, make sure to wash them every night so that they are ready for the morning. Purchase a large jug of hand sanitizer for both your employees and patrons to use in the reception room, and make sure everyone knows to use it!

Advertise Partnered Products

When setting up your reception area, placing a few shelves dedicated to products that you recommend can bring in some extra cash. These products can be haircare products or general beauty products. Try to advertise local businesses to keep money flowing in your community.

Keep Your Guests Cozy and Comfortable

All the most important tips for setting up your salon reception area will involve keeping your customers comfortable and content. Since you don’t know how long a customer may be waiting in a reception room, ensure their comfort by buying cozy, comfortable reception furniture. Offer plenty of space for patrons to spread out and relax. If you can, offer guests free Wi-Fi or hot coffee. Don’t forget to keep your receptionist comfortable, too—make sure that they have enough room to organize papers or work on the computer.

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