Top 12 Tips When Buying a Pedicure Chair

Top 12 Tips When Buying a Pedicure Chair

When considering including additional services in your salon, having the equipment to complete your daily tasks is necessary. There are multiple factors to consider when shopping for the right pedicure chair that fits your business needs. In this article, you’ll delve into the top 12 tips to consider when buying a pedicure chair for your salon.

 1. Keep Your Staff in Mind

Whether it’s your stylist or a designated nail technician, knowing who is responsible for the service helps distinguish the experience your business will provide.

2. Know Your Setup

Establishing an area to keep your new chairs can improve workflow and create a cleaner look.

3. Know Your Purpose

Are you offering pedicures as an add-on service, or do you plan to provide guests with a luxurious spa experience? The larger the investment, the higher the quality of the chair, hence the more luxurious the service.

4. Prioritize Quality

A high-quality pedicure chair is best when keeping your guests in mind, as you’ll want to supply a comfortable unit that is durable and worth the investment.

5. Prioritize Comfort

You’ll want to ensure the chair you choose not only provides comfort to your clientele but to your technicians as well! Ergonomic designs that have padded cushioning and adjustable foot and leg support offer the best to both clients and technicians.

6. Budget Your Options

Depending on the range of the pedicure service, you should purchase seating suitable for the task. If offered as an add-on, a portable spa can be a better fit versus a deluxe chair, which is best for a more thorough service.

7. Consider the Design

It’s important to keep your salon aesthetic in mind when shopping for suitable seating, so remember that many seating options will allow you to customize base and chair colors.

8. Consider Plumbing vs. No Plumbing

Be aware of your plumbing options before purchasing chairs. A non-plumbing chair will require technicians to manually fill foot bowls, while chairs with plumbing connect to a water line.

9. Check Features

Consider additional features such as swiveling for manicures if you plan to offer this service also.

10. Know the Warranty

Try to avoid purchasing equipment that includes warranties under three years or doesn’t include one at all.

11. Inquire About Replacement Parts

Before purchasing new chairs, ask if the manufacturer can provide you with replacement parts should your equipment need them.

12. Find a Reputable Supplier

Finding a supplier that you can trust is considered the most important tip. Check reviews, and don’t be afraid to contact their customer service!

Are you looking for pedicure chairs for your salon? Use these top 12 tips when buying a pedicure chair today with us at Salon Equipment Center! We offer quality equipment that can fit your business needs.