Top 5 Salon Interior Design Trends for 2022

Top 5 Salon Interior Design Trends for 2022

Choosing the best aesthetic and ambience for your salon space can be challenging. But some exciting design trends are making their way into salons everywhere this year. Here are the top five salon design trends for 2022.

‘70s Influences

The first salon interior design trend for 2022 is a ‘70s influence. It’s become common practice to modernize old design trends to give them a slightly new edge. The 1970s brought mid-century architecture to a funkier place than it had been in the ‘50s and ‘60s, and we’re seeing that retro style make a comeback in furniture and décor. Unique lighting fixtures, rattan materials, round edges, patterned wallpaper, and low-profile furniture are all ‘70s staples working their way into salon interior design.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are another interior design trend we see in salons in 2022. Browns, greens, tans, and clays have all risen in popularity this year. These colors tie in well with the ‘70s influences that are also popular at the moment. You can include them in your choice of wall color, salon chairs, or accent décor within your space. Earth tones bring a sense of calm and grounding, which is the perfect energy and ambience to bring into your salon.

Modern Minimalism

The third trend we see in salon interior design for 2022 is minimalism. Modern minimalism has dominated the interior design world for the last several years, and it’s also taking over the salon world. Salon chairs and reception furniture with minimalist design and color scheme is an excellent use of this particular trend. By keeping décor at a minimum, the space becomes more open and airy without feeling closed off or cluttered by too many items crowding the walls.

Adding Plants

Plants are the fourth salon interior design trend this year. Plants of all shapes and sizes have become the trendiest way to decorate and enhance spaces throughout the last few years. Covering shelves and walls with vines, succulents, and an assortment of potted plants brings an almost jungle-like quality to today‘s interior design world. Plants bring in a natural element to any space, which will soften the room‘s energy.

Natural Textures

The last interior design trend we see in salons in 2022 is natural textures. The presence of raw wood, exposed brick, worn leather, and various metals is creeping into salons everywhere. In addition, brass and copper accents have become popular in washing stations and salon chairs. Statement walls of exposed brick and raw wood floors are also making a name for themselves. Incorporating natural textures into your design will tie in beautifully with earth tones, plants, and that slight ‘70s influence that has also become a top trend.

Now that you know the top five salon interior design trends for 2022, you can start redesigning your space today! Check out Salon Equipment Center’s selection of wholesale salon equipment as you update your salon.