Top Characteristics of a High-Quality Hair Salon

Top Characteristics of a High-Quality Hair Salon

When you begin your venture into hair salon ownership, you have dreams of creating a luxurious space for all your clients to sit back and relax while you liven up their hairstyle. Any good salon business owner wants their studio to look high-end, but how do you communicate to potential clients that your salon is a cut above the rest? The best salons in the beauty industry all maintain these top characteristics of a high-quality hair salon—and your business should, too.

Cleanliness and Sanitation

Now more than ever, your business needs to put a special focus on hygiene and sanitation to prevent the possibility of spreading COVID-19. However, once the pandemic is quelled it doesn’t give your business an excuse to slack on sanitation and overall cleanliness. High-quality hair salons clean and sanitize their equipment after every client.

Keep a checklist for yourself and your staff to reference after a client leaves. This checklist should include:

  • Sweeping the floor of any hair
  • Sanitizing tools
  • Sanitizing the shampoo station’s wash basin
  • Wiping down styling chairs
  • Washing hands before and after every client

Make sure to follow salon sanitation guidelines from the CDC to do your part to keep clients safe from the virus.

Skilled Stylists

The best way to make your hair salon shine with radiant reviews is by hiring exemplary staff. Anyone with a hair stylist license can find employment at your salon, but you need to pick the people who can handle the more nuanced skills required by a hair stylist. Be picky when hiring new staff; choose people with excellent people skills and the ability to walk clients through their hair styling decisions. If the reviews start praising you and your employees by name, you know you’ve made some top-tier decisions.

Appealing Design

Make sure that your salon’s interior design reflects your business and offers a cozy space for patrons to wind down and lose some extra tension. Tone down the lighting, spruce up your reception furniture, and maybe even add a small electric fireplace. Do whatever you can with the furniture and décor to make clients feel comfortable in your studio.

High-Quality Tools and Furniture

If you and your staff aren’t equipped with the most efficient tools and the sleekest functional furniture, your business won’t meet the top characteristics of a high-quality hair salon. Update and perform maintenance on your tools and equipment regularly to ensure that they’re still efficient. Your salon furniture should reflect the high-end care you provide to your clients—put a focus on the combination of client comfort, style, and functionality in every piece of furniture.

Even if you want the best quality for your patrons, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on your salon equipment. Check out the selection of high-end salon equipment and discount salon furniture at Salon Equipment Center. As a family-run business ourselves, we put special care in making sure that your salon can make the most out of any budget.