Top Hairstyles To Learn in Cosmetology School

Top Hairstyles To Learn in Cosmetology School

As you prepare to become a beautician, you’ll learn how to cut, color, and style hair, and knowing the top hairstyles to learn in cosmetology school is essential, as they’re the most commonly requested. Moreover, mastering the basics before attempting anything complicated ensures you have the skills and knowledge to put together complex styles.


There are both hot and cold perms, each with the result of long-lasting waves. Mastering the technique of rolling or straightening hair is the key to a great stylist, not only because these styles are popular but because they require the use of heat and chemicals that could damage your client’s hair if not applied properly.

Some of the many types of perms include:

  • Spiral perm
  • Body wave perm
  • Pin curl perm
  • Stack perm

When giving your client a perm, determine whether to use alkaline or acidic solutions based on your client’s hair type; alkaline solutions work best for coarse hair that may not otherwise hold a curl.

Rather than curl hair, perms can also straighten naturally curly hair with the proper techniques, as the appropriate chemicals and heat-treatment will relax textured hair.


Updos are another one of the top hairstyles to learn in cosmetology school and they work great for nearly every hair type and length. Often, clients request updos for special occasions such as rehearsal dinners, weddings, proms, or a night out. When giving your client an updo, you may have to braid or curl your client’s hair before pinning it strategically. Some of the crucial skills you’ll need to understand to give a great updo are:

  • Backcombing
  • Combing out

Understanding your client’s hair type and face shape is important when crafting an updo because the style will highlight key facial features that differ from person to person. Most clients who come into your shop for a special occasion will request an updo due to its sophisticated look.


The final basic style you’ll want to master in cosmetology school includes various styles of braids, including:

  • French braids
  • Dutch braids
  • Fishtail braids

Understanding the many types of braids is essential since many get incorporated into updos or other complicated styles that clients will likely request in your shop. Braiding techniques are also necessary in more elegant styles; for example, many people request waterfall braids for proms and weddings because of the simplicity and elegance.

Once you grasped these popular styles, you’ll be ready to walk clients to your salon styling stations and give them a beautiful new look with your top-of-the-line hair tools and polished skills! Shop at Salon Equipment Center for comfortable salon furniture as you begin preparing a shop of your own.