Top Professional Salon Equipment To Keep Your Salon Trendy

Top Professional Salon Equipment To Keep Your Salon Trendy

While building and designing an appealing salon space requires several steps, selecting the quintessential tools to complete the job should be at the forefront of your priority list. As the beauty industry continuously blossoms and evolves, more salons are sprouting, and the competition may get ugly.

Remaining relevant to your regulars and attracting new customers requires an ambitious mind and innovative tactics. However, sometimes a simple upgrade may be all you need to give you a winning edge over your competitors.

If your establishment could use a bit of a facelift, you might want to look through the top professional salon equipment to keep your salon trendy.

Washing Units

Shampoo units to wash your clients’ hair are must-haves in your salon. Like all furniture on this list, your shampoo backwash stations should prioritize comfort and ergonomics to improve customer experience and elevate service.

Belgrade Backwash Unit

Kicking off an appointment at this luxurious station offers clients comfortable, deluxe experiences at an economical price. The Belgrade Backwash Unit is a stylish seating choice with foam padding, an extra-wide build, and an adjustable leg rest that introduces relaxation.

Black Elegance Shampoo Unit

The Black Elegance Shampoo Unit combines trend and comfort to showcase a unit that clients and stylists equally enjoy. This option is ideal for head massages and waxing and has a convenient head pedestal and thick cushion for lumbar support.

Chelsea Shampoo Unit

The Chelsea Shampoo Unit blends the classic styles of the past with a bit of modernity to present a fused aesthetic to elevate your salon’s presence. This unit includes a tilting porcelain shampoo bowl and neck rest customized to fit around each client.

Styling Chairs

With many products available at your fingertips, selecting the perfect styling chair to fit the look of your salon can be challenging. The most crucial elements that define a styling station’s worth are hydraulic and swiveling features to make specific angles accessible to staff during the cut, comb, and style.

Diamond Styling Chair

The Diamond Styling Chair showcases a classic yet modern style and sturdy build. This sleek design includes a T-Bar footrest and a metallic hydraulic pump attached to its steel frame. The foam padding is ultra-luxurious, making this option a favorite in our catalog.

Ayla Styling Chair

The Ayla Styling Chair is sleek with clean angles that exude luxury and sophistication. Its eco-leather and heavy-duty chrome base can accommodate many heights, and it features armrests designed to support a client’s natural resting posture comfortably.

Crystal Backrest Hydraulic Styling Chair

The Crystal Backrest Styling Chair combines vintage and contemporary elements with a tufted backrest and high-density memory foam cushioning. This elegant option includes a heavy-duty hydraulic pump with a tremendous weight capacity.

Manicure Tables

Whether your salon features nail care as a primary or add-on service, manicure tables provide plenty of storage for products and are easy to clean. Manicure surfaces should also keep wrist rests and comfort in mind to ensure that a customer’s experience never takes a turn for the worst.

Dark “Vented” Manicure Table

This elegant table has a vented glass surface that brings sophistication to your space. The elevated wrist rest provides cushioning, so clients never worry about awkward hand placement. You’ll locate drawers and cabinets serving as storage space for tools and polishes on the technician’s side.

Mercedes Manicure Table With Fan

The Mercedes Manicure Table offers an attractive glass design, giving it a sleek and sophisticated appearance. This mobile option is a staple in luxury salons and hotels and has multiple drawers for storage. It also rests on wheels for easy maneuvering.

Pure Elegance Manicure Table

This retro addition introduces vintage flair to your salon while making services easier for nail technicians and experiences more enjoyable for clientele. The Pure Elegance Manicure Table features a frosted glass surface for stability and easy cleaning.

Pedicure Stations

Pedicure chairs are a significant investment that focuses on a pampering experience. Getting a pedicure is the epitome of self-care, but worn and tattered seating can ruin the vibe. Take your time when selecting pedicure chairs, as costs can appear intimidating.

Alessi II Pedicure Spa Chair

The Alessi II Pedicure Spa spoils clientele with a complete pedicure spa treatment. This compact option is ideal for beauty salons with limited space. Also, it features a Shiatsulogic Full Function Massage function and automatic recline.

Pibbs PS60 Siena Pipeless Pedicure Spa

The Pibbs PS60 Siena Pipeless Pedicure Spa is top-tier equipment with a sturdy acrylic base and a shiatsu massage chair in several shades. Your clients will remember their appointment at your salon as the ultimate luxurious experience.

The chair top includes deep massage functionality and has an electric sliding and reclining element.

Kids Pedicure Spa Station

Of course, how can you forget the young ones? Kids pedicure stations are fascinating concepts featuring massage additions, a pipeless water jet, and a matching stool. Our options come in vibrant shades to appeal to kiddos and make them comfortable, especially during a first-time visit.

Reception Furniture

Reception furniture serves as the first visual impression to everyone walking through a salon’s doors. Quality in this area is essential and ranges from the front desk to the sleek couches that will seat your guests until it’s time for their appointment.

You have one opportunity with each new client to put your best foot forward, so you want to consider your options carefully.

Italika II Salon Reception Room Bench Sofa

The Italika II sofa is a classic bench that features metal embellishments and tufted buttons to create a unique design. The high-density memory foam and leather blend well to provide exceptional comfort.

Acquario LED Lighting Salon Reception Desk

The Acquario is a modern, LED-powered reception desk that displays sophistication and poise. As the first point of contact, your customers will be face-to-face with an all-time favorite that sets the tone for their beauty journey ahead.

As the beauty salon industry maintains traction and continues to develop, your establishment may fall victim to a much-needed renovation to stay in the race. Whether it’s considering top professional equipment to keep your salon trendy or implementing a marketing change, keeping your brand name accessible to the public is vital to staying successful amongst the masses.

When shopping for essential equipment to match your budget and aesthetic design, we at Salon Equipment Center have your best business interests in mind. We supply wholesale salon equipment to purchase or finance at an affordable rate. Our entire product catalog includes a three to five-year warranty to assure quality and durability.

Top Professional Salon Equipment To Keep Your Salon Trendy