Top Qualities To Look for in a Barber Chair

Top Qualities To Look for in a Barber Chair

The barber chair is the heart of any barbershop. If your barber chair isn’t up to par, it reflects poorly on your business and impacts the comfort of your client. If your chair needs a serious upgrade, it’s important that you search for a high-quality, affordable barber chair as soon as possible. Learn these top qualities to look for in a barber chair before you make your purchase, and your customers will remain comfortable during the entirety of their service.

Quality Upholstery

First off, your barber chair’s upholstery affects three things at once: its appearance, its comfort, and how difficult it is to clean. When your barber chair has high-quality upholstery crafted by professionals, you can rest assured that it will hold up to years of use during business hours. Every client that walks into a barbershop loves to see the classic, sleek leather barber chair that has become a staple in American barbershop culture. Check the quality by checking the warranty of the chair. If it covers the leather or eco-leather upholstery for up to five years, you know that the manufacturer is willing to back the quality of the chair. Never settle for cheap vinyl—always go for leather or eco-leather.

Classic Style

When you choose the style of your barber chair, you’re deciding on the mood of your entire shop. Your barber chair is a statement art piece, a solid piece of furniture, and interior décor all in one. It’s important that you pick the chair that fits the theme you want in your business whether it’s vintage, modern, or the comfort of home.


As mentioned earlier, while the upholstery plays a role in customer comfort, the rest falls on the chair itself. Make sure the chair your purchasing is as comfortable as sitting on a cloud for your patrons. A comfortable customer not only makes your job easier while styling their hair, but also will help you gather positive reviews.

It can be difficult to figure out how comfortable a chair is online. A manufacturer’s reviews will help you immensely, but you can also look for a satisfaction guarantee on their site. Again, a long-lasting warrantee is a promising sign that you’re purchasing from the best seller of salon furniture.

A High-Quality Hydraulic Pump

Your goal as a barber is to serve all your customers, and your chair needs to reflect that. A chair with a flimsy hydraulic pump may give out at an inopportune time and cause damage to your shop or your customer. At Salon Equipment Center, the chairs in our barber shop chair collection feature hydraulic pumps with heavy duty Japanese engineering. Unlike cheap, faulty alternatives, these industrial-grade pumps are guaranteed to hold up to 700 pounds of weight. Hydraulic pumps are one of the most important of the top qualities to look for in a barber chair. Never buy a chair with a cheap hydraulic pump.