Top Ways To Organize Your Salon Studio

Top Ways To Organize Your Salon Studio

An organized salon is easier to maintain than a disorganized salon. Placing extra emphasis on a tidy workplace will improve your flow and customer satisfaction—who wants to go to a messy salon? By organizing your studio space, you will have a better idea of products you need to restock and more efficiently utilize the area you pay for. No matter how much room you have in your studio or what kind of salon you own, use these top ways to organize your salon studio to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Organize by Color To Catch Clients’ Eyes

One of the easiest ways to organize your resources around the studio is to sort them by color. Arrange dyes and coloring products by the resulting color, not the color of the container. Labeling the areas of your workspace with the full variety of colors you have on hand is essential for clear communication between you and your employees. Everyone will know exactly where each color is located at any given time, allowing for faster salon services.

Some color-coordinating storage solutions are perfect for doubling as interior design choices. If you are looking for a way to display your collection of colorful options to your clients in a flashy way, consider the following storage possibilities:

Nail Polish Mosaic

Nail salons are always looking for a unique way to display their wide variety of stylish nail polishes to make the client’s options readily available. You do not need to limit yourself to storing nail polish in a drawer or cabinet—try shelving units that double as décor on the wall of your studio. Nail polish shelving units often come in shapes like hearts or in transparent varieties.

You can spice up a simple nail polish shelving unit with satisfying polish placement. Nail polishes organized in a way that gradually leads each color into the next, like a color wheel, are sure to impress customers—they just require extra work to organize.

Colorful Hair Extensions Where Clients Can See Them

A salon that specializes in hair and hair extensions should display samples for clients to see and consider before their treatment. Organize them in ways that display their specialty; natural hair extensions should be with other natural hair extensions, while unnatural colors should be with other unnatural colors. If you have patterned hair extensions, be sure to place them next to each other as well—even if they are brightly colored. Putting patterned hair extensions near each other will ensure they stand out.

All you need for hair extension displaying is a ring clip that holds the false hair in place on a door or wall. Put it somewhere clients can see. Do not hide it behind storage or equipment.

Organize Your Drawers

Just like you would organize at home, it is important that you give each drawer in your salon a purpose. Some drawers may have dual purposes, but for the most part you will want each drawer to stand out, so it is easy to memorize where things are. Labeling drawers will make it easy to train new team members and easier on your memory as well. Once you have your drawers’ purposes sorted, it is important to keep them organized. Drawers that look like your kitchen’s junk drawer are not only unprofessional, but they make it difficult to find tools or products. Use these tips to keep your drawers organized:

Install Drawer Dividers

Plastic drawer dividers are inexpensive solutions to allow a drawer to organize two or even three different types of objects neatly. For smaller products and tools that do not require their own drawer, try making or purchasing dividers to cut the storage space into manageable sections.

Sort by Brand

Brands matter when working with salon products. Whether you trust different brands for different tasks, or a client requests a certain brand, it is important to make it easier on yourself to find the item you are looking for. Sort a drawer by brand and subcategorize it into color to facilitate your search.

Most Popular Products at the Front

In any drawer, there will be things you want front and center for easy access. Whether it is a protective nail coat or small comb, put them at the front of the drawer to make your life easier.

Reminders for Restocks

Running out of an essential product at the wrong time is every stylist’s worst nightmare. Organizing your products in a way that tells you when it is time for a restock is essential for keeping the salon stocked and maintained. Take inventory regularly and adopt an ordering system. Writing down how full a container is during inventory or an item’s condition will help you keep track of how often you need to replace it. Knowing how long products last assists with the restocking process, as it gives you a rough date of when you need to reorder.

If certain products vary with their usage and they do not have a pattern of when you need to replace them, you may need a visual indicator of how full a container is. Buy cheap, colorful stickers to place on products and use them to indicate containers that need restocking.

Efficiently Use Space with In-Station Storage

Space is not always in excess with salon studios. If your salon has limited space, you need to get creative with your storage solutions and integrate them into your existing furniture. In small salons, one of the top ways to organize your salon studio is by purchasing hair salon stations with plenty of drawers and storage within. Portable salon stations may offer outlets for your electrical tools, all while being small enough to store in a small closet.

Organizing your studio is just a part of a salon owner’s job responsibilities. Make it easier on yourself by practicing healthy organization habits and regularly pruning equipment you no longer need. Combine your tools and equipment by purchasing an all-in-one piece of furniture and improve your overall storage space. When you need high-quality salon equipment that boosts your organizational skills, the selection of furniture at Salon Equipment Center will provide you with all the essentials and the best guarantees on the market.

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