Top Ways To Remodel Your Salon

Top Ways To Remodel Your Salon

Your salon needs to stay looking stylish and trendy just like the customers who come in every day. Appearance is everything in the salon world, and the wrong interior design choices can drive business away that may otherwise stay. When business has either taken a hit or taken off, the choice to remodel your salon will be an easy decision to make. Making bold style decisions in your salon or reception room will make a confident statement to any new or returning patrons. Our top ways to remodel your salon will boost your business’s image whether you are on a tight budget or willing to splurge on design.

Take Care of Repairs First

Before you jump into the world of remodeling your salon, it is necessary for you to assess any essential repairs that you will need to take care of. If there is any maintenance on the building that you need to evaluate, that should hold precedence over interior facelifts. When repairs pop up during renovations or remodels, they will take demotivating chunks out of your fragile budget—especially when you have built the entire renovation design around the budget. As the owner of the salon’s building, you will need to remember all the required maintenance that you must complete every year. As a renter, the building’s owner may oversee maintenance. It is still important for you to take note of any damage or malfunctions before you begin a remodel so that the building owner is aware of problems.

Another thing to consider is repairing your equipment instead of replacing it. Replacing furniture may cost more than your budget can handle, but repairing your existing broken furniture may save you hundreds of dollars. Check if the furniture’s warrantee still applies to see if you can get free repairs. At Salon Equipment Center, we have impressive warrantees that last up to five years on most of our furniture and apply to a wide variety of repairs and regular maintenance. Any broken or worn-out furniture may still be under warrantee with a long-term agreement.

Think Small With DIY

When on a budget, it is important to think about smaller projects that you can do on your own. Hiring people to do projects for you will quickly drain the budget; anytime you see a project that you think you would be capable of, it is worth trying. Some of the most common DIY projects may only require a small team of friends or a little extra effort, but this will pay off due to how much money you will save.

New Paint

The most common DIY remodel decision is to add a fresh layer of paint. Learning the basics of painting rooms is easy for beginners and can provide you and a close team of friends, family, or employees to bond while you put the “beauty” in “beauty salon.” If you know any artists, consider having your salon’s logo painted somewhere visible. The paint you pick will reflect the mood you want to give during your salon services, so be sure to choose a color carefully. For some extra customer interaction, you could create a poll for customers to choose their favorite paint color.

Repurposed Décor

In a salon, it is common to have many unrecyclable, wasted materials that you cannot throw away. If you are feeling artsy, try creating décor that uses your old tools or empty bottles in a fresh new way. You may even find a stylish way to store resources that are currently in use that doubles as decoration—many nail salons find unique storage solutions for their nail polishes in this way. Not only is it pretty, but you are also displaying everything that you will be using during a service and providing clarity for the customers.

Switch Up Your Theme

After you first opened your salon, maybe you were not able to capitalize on an exciting or creative theme due to a smaller budget. Now that you have experienced some success in your business, it is time to get rid of the bland or stale décor and replace it with a zesty new theme that reflects your success. We have a few theme ideas to get you thinking about your ideal salon style:

  • Vintage or Antique
  • Hometown or Local
  • Modern Sleek
  • Classy Elegance
  • Stripes
  • Futuristic
  • Punk
  • All About the Pink

A salon theme can quickly drive business from your target audience as you build presence in the community and on social media. While it is by no means necessary to pick a signature style for your business’s interior, it may help you focus on key design elements.

Replace or Add Salon Furniture

For salon furniture that has outlived its lifespan or does not give you the functions that your business requires, it might be time to replace it. It has lived a good life, and now it is time to let it go so you can move on with your business and update its style. Starter equipment is good for the budget of a beginner stylist, but once you have experienced success you can move on to the bigger ticket, high-quality items.

If there is a service that you wanted to add into your salon but did not have room in the budget, one of the top ways to remodel your salon is to add new equipment that will make your salon service stand out above the rest. You may have your eyes on brand new salon technology or adding pedicures to the menu—if your salon’s design is already perfect in your eyes, all you need are shiny new pieces of equipment. You may consider expanding your salon by adding salon styling stations to the main room which will increase how many clients you can have at one time. Your business outlook should impact the furniture on your wish list!

A salon remodel may require something as simple as moving furniture around and changing the layout, or a complete gutting of the interior. With any updates you decide to plan out with your business, Salon Equipment Center is here to provide you with all the essential, high-quality furnishings you need at affordable prices. Contact us today for any furniture or salon design inquiries!

Top Ways To Remodel Your Salon