The Top 5 Hazards To Avoid in Your Hair Salon

The Top 5 Hazards To Avoid in Your Hair Salon

As a salon business owner, you want to always ensure the safety of your clients and employees. While every workplace faces certain hazards, a few significant risks are especially important to watch out for in salon spaces. Here are the top five hazards to avoid in your hair salon.

Trips, Slips, and Falls

Trips, slips, and falls are the first hazards you want to be wary of in salons. Resulting injuries are some of the most common lawsuits that businesses face, so you want to do what you can to minimize the risks. Salon floors can get slippery from water, hair clippings, and spilled products. Therefore, ensure all styling and reception areas are well-swept and free of any obstructions. Keeping cords from hair dryers out of the way is also a good idea.

Burns From Heat Styling Tools

In a typical workweek, a hairstylist will utilize various heat styling tools on multiple clients. The last thing you want to do is accidentally burn a client with one of these tools. Therefore, you should keep these tools at a lower heat setting whenever possible and always pay close attention when using them. For example, you should never look away from a tool while using it on a client.

Chemical Hazards From Hair Dye

Many hair dyes contain toxic chemicals that can cause harmful reactions. Therefore, you want to train your stylists to select non-toxic dyes and use them properly to avoid these hazards. Furthermore, you will also want to apply a barrier cream to clients before applying color. Finally, remember to avoid leaving dyes in a client’s hair too long.

Cuts From Razors and Clippers

You never want to send your clients home covered in nicks, cuts, and razor burns. Therefore, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect against them. Perform preshave preparation, apply an appropriate lather, pick the right razor, and maintain your blades. A dull blade is more likely to cause razor burn and nicks, so you want to ensure that your blade is sharp, well-maintained, and disinfected after every use.

Allergic Reactions From Products

Like hair dyes, other hair products contain ingredients that may be allergens for certain clients. Of course, you want to avoid a client breaking out in hives because of a styling product you applied. Always ask clients if they have any known allergies, and always inform clients of a product’s ingredients before using it on them. To be extra safe, switch to products that do not contain common allergens.

Now that you know what hazards to avoid in your hair salon, you can take the necessary steps to minimize the risks. Along with these tips, Salon Equipment Center has everything you need to run a successful salon business, including high-quality salon reception furniture that your clients will love. All our furniture comes with a five-year warranty you won’t find anywhere else, so shop with us to find the best high-quality and reliable equipment.